Tuesday, May 17, 2016

~A Vision of Cornell with a New Community~

Yesterday night I was elated to attend a dinner in San Francisco for the Cornell cohort. The Ivy League Connection all met at the El Cerrito Bart Station at 5PM and from there we got off at Powell. During the Bart ride I was delighted to sit next to Ms. Kronenberg who is apart of the school board, who informed me a lot about the history of the Ivy League Connection, what it is like at Cornell, and informed me about past alumni at Cornell which was very interesting. She even recommended we go to see a couple of museums that I cant wait to explore. Finally we all walked as group to a restaurant called Kuleto's which was only a couple of blocks away about 5 minutes I would say. 

The dinner consisted of a variety of guests with a mass amount of information and advice which helped me understand about Cornell and college more.There at the dinner there were two alumni from Cornell. In the beginning of the dinner I spoke with Jesús who briefed me about his time at Cornell and coming from Texas. What I saw was how hard he worked to get there and he never stopped pushing forward and I developed a big sense of respect. He gave me a lot of advice about college and just the future about the major I hope to get into, to just life advice and to really treasure who you are. Another alumni I spoke with was Doug he talked about how Cornell was his home and he gave me a lot of insight into Cornell about literally everything which let me feel more calm about going there because now I don't feel as new to this college. I'm really looking forward to the community Cornell that he mentioned, the environment and especially the food! I was also happy that my chaperone was also there and I got to get closer to my future travel companion.

I was also thankful to meeting once more Mr. Boyega again from sitting across of me from a panelist table to a dinner table . He gave me more advice on what I can improve on in my interview like understanding that I confident and I don't have to keep reassuring the judges that I am confident in my speech. I was really thankful on his advice so I can now improve my speaking skills.

I met two new people named Shanti and Hummd,their both absolutely wonderful and were very informative, helpful,and just sweet. Hummd was apart of ILC for another college, but had just recently got accepted to Cornell. She informed me a lot about the application process which I will be facing very soon and gave me tips on how to prepare myself.Also at the dinner was Shanti who because of her I feel as if I already went to Cornell. She definitely encouraged me to have confidence in myself and to never lose it and know that to get there you worked hard and thats what mattered your ability your skill, and who you really are. She also let me know everything I could possibly know or watch out for at Cornell. They have helped me already so much with just one night and I hope to keep in contact with both of them.

Of course we can't have this dinner without Don, even Don helped me with advice about college and how I need to not just look at the fact you got accepted to a college but what college is really best for you. Now I'm just even more thankful for Don because without Don there would not be an ILC and just shows he actually cares about us and wants to see us all succeed in the future. Don also knows how to pick a restaurant because this place was amazing from their spinach,to their chicken, and finally their creme brulee which I never even heard of before,but now have to find where they sell it.

I am entirely grateful for everyone who came because they showed us support and complete open arms. Everyone gave the cohort kindness, knowledge and especially advice that all of us needed to hear. I think the whole cohort can agree on a note that this dinner was amazing and we just became apart of a new community and have and are going to become even closer. We were all completely inspired.Last ,but definitely not least was our parents or guardians who came. I am sure without them we would not be at that dinner because each of them have gave us all support and love that have helped us overcome obstacle over obstacle. I am just eternally grateful for everyone at that dinner.

The most supportive person I have my mom

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