Saturday, May 14, 2016

~Get Ready for the World of Blogging~

Today was the day for a whole new world, by new world I mean the world of blogging. This Saturday morning I found myself at De Anza High School at 8 AM with Don and the entire Ivy League Connection cohort in a computer lab ready to learn. Everyone seemed very tired, but our spirits were lifted once we saw the pack of cookies, Red Vines, and chips.  Good call Don.

Don taught us what we needed to know on how to blog and how to post for the Ivy League Connection blog. We learned the steps on how to work the blog site and, most importantly, how we were supposed to write the blogs -- which involved guidelines involving font size to inserting pictures. I did well on the regular blogging but when it came down to how to insert a picture, not as well. I am a little slower than most when it comes to computers, but thankfully there was trusty Don just along the room and helped me step-by-step through a 5 minute process which alone would have taken me 20 -- if I was lucky enough to even figure it out at all. I even learned a couple of neat tricks like PhotoShop for my future pictures on this blog, so stay tuned. 

Yet, this tutorial was not only about blogging. I learned more on the details of my upcoming trip. I learned to be prepared for anything. Don talked about what to bring the essential items which was very helpful and informative and also was very gracious in providing us a list of items he is willing to lend us for this trip. The trip to Cornell is less expensive because I am able to borrow certain items like bed sheets to a mini fan. He is even offering luggage which is a great help.  I most importantly was reminded of the rules to all ILCer's and that to always remember I need to conduct myself as an adult. There are no children in the Ivy League Connection. This session was informative on many things and answered any of my questions I previously had.

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