Saturday, May 14, 2016

Blogging and Traveling 101

I was both dreading and looking forward to this very morning. All of the Ivy League Connection cohorts had to meet up at De Anza High School at 8 AM to receive a tutorial from mostly Good Don about blogging, do's and don't's while being away, and basically how to do well in this program. 

Personally, I went through a few interviews before getting a spot in the ILC, so it was rather pleasant to see a few familiar faces and knowing we were all in this together.
Few members of each cohort, UChicago, UPenn, Brown, Cornell, Vanderbilt
Regardless of how early it was, everyone was actively participating in the new blogging experience. We started the morning off with some guidelines on blogging and proceeded to actually make some practice posts. I enjoyed it because I have a couple of blogs myself, nothing fancy but partial experience made things go by smoothly and more fun. Some practice posts were honestly funny to read, especially the jibberish ones. Then we got to the fun picture taking part, which Don also gave some useful tips on. 
Lynda took a picture of me taking a picture of the banner, not appreciated.
We also got a bunch of breaks in between, so the hours didn't feel as long. Eventually, Don started talking about what to pack and  told some interesting stories about past ILCers. There was a lot to follow along, but in the end it's all very useful and makes this process way less stressful. Don does so much to make this as inexpensive as possible and really assures is that he'll fix any problem that we tell him about. That's a big relief because in this situation we're no longer high schoolers and have to be far more responsible.

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