Wednesday, May 25, 2016

~ A Few Words of Thank You ~

Today was a day for gratitude from the Ivy League Connection at our presentation before the School Board. Each of the cohorts went up with their chaperone,as the chaperone spoke then one  student designated from each cohort to express their gratefulness towards the school board, sponsors, and community spoke. I was one of the few designated to speak today. I did not realize how many people would attend this meeting and I also overlooked the fact of it being televised. I became nervous of presenting the speech not because I was not confident enough nor the public speaking element of the amount of people and cameras, but because I was representing the Ivy League Connection while I was speaking and my worst fear of the moment was failing my cohort and the program. 

I prepared with a few note cards and practiced all day. I was elated to see my cohort listening to my speech and helping me time myself and passing on their confidence on to me. I was also thankful for Mr. Rhea once seeing me practice with my note cards giving me words of encouragement that I would do just fine. Thankfully for everyone even other ILCers giving me support I was able to provide a speech thanking everyone for their support and giving insight on what my cohort will be exposed to at Cornell and what we hope to bring back. I expressed in my speech that we were eternally grateful for their support because we get this once in a life time opportunity. We are able to now experience college, the East Coast, and our courses that can help provide for an enhancement of skills and insight of future careers. I was happy to see all of our speeches and I came to be even prouder to be apart of the Ivy League Connection. 

Our presentation concluded with ILCers, chaperones, and parents taking a picture outside the building. The person missing from the picture was Don as he was taking the picture because he actually knows how to take pictures, but its okay from the blogging session I think I picked up a few tricks to photo shop Don in a picture.

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