Sunday, May 15, 2016

The Tutorial and How It Opened a New Door for Me

Today was the start of the world of Ivy League connections and the journey I would go through before the time came for me to travel east. It took a lot of me to wake up by 6 but by deleting Netflix and using an alarm clock it worked out just fine. 

I had arrived at exactly 7:59. Right before the doors were going to close. Actually, I had arrived at the school at 7:55 but as someone that is very hesitant with every decision they make, for some reason I felt that I shouldn't go through the doors next to the big sign that said Ivy League Connection and the next door with the red flag on it. Luckily, I somehow got the idea to keep going and it just so happened to be the place I was looking for. 

During the tutorial, we learned many essential steps. First, and also the one that took up most of the morning, was learning how to blog. I knew about blogging from different websites so I was interested in using blogging for academic situations such as the Ivy League Connection. We also went through packets and pages of rules and guidelines and learned how to post pictures to our blogs. Even though there were technical difficulties we all pretty much got the point in the end.

I think my favorite part of today was the fact that I got to read some of the example blogger stories in the packet. My favorite was from a ILCer who went to Yale a few years back because he was able to look into a club that was about people who are undecided about what science career path they want to take so they would give them multiple options. This really interested me because I am currently going through the same situation and did not even know that such a club was even possible. It definitely puts Yale on a list of schools that I would want to apply to in the future knowing that there are multiple support programs to help me. And this information shows me all the more reason I should blog so others will get the cycle of information sharing to reach them as well. 

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