Saturday, May 14, 2016

Getting to Know Don at Orientation Among the Many Dons

A while back I received an email from Don about attending a mandatory tutorial to learn about blogging and other information we would need to know for our programs. That tutorial was today. In his email, he mentioned he would close the doors on anyone who was late and they would lose their scholarship. Needless to say, I absolutely did not want to be late. I was so afraid I would be late that I woke up around 6:30 AM when it started at 8:00 AM (this is coming from somebody who usually wakes up ten minutes before she needs to arrive at school). Anyways, when the tutorial started, it was a lot of going over the necessary actions before and during the trip. 

My favorite part of the tutorial was when Don introduced the many Dons --Tickled Pink Don, Good Don, Evil Don, Frustrated Don, Shifty Don, Guantanamo Don, and Flamethrower Don. He told us about how he used to use those at the end of his emails to inform us of his mood, but how he doesn't use them anymore because of an angry parent. Honestly, I love the idea of him ending his emails with what type of Don he is because there are times that I'm not sure if he's happy with us or not. Overall, I got to listen to Don talk for four hours and got the impression that he's really chill if you do what he asks you to (Good Don), but if you don't then you'll meet Guantanamo Don. 

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