Thursday, May 26, 2016

First Time at a School Board Meeting

Tonight was the school board meeting that was mandatory for all ILCers to attend with one parent. This was the actually the first school board meeting I have ever attended. This particular school board meeting happened to be filled with more people than usual because of the controversial topics on its agenda so that was rather exciting. I was actually extremely surprised by all the equipment used at the board meeting --timer for the timing of public comments, large semi circle table for the board members, and other various equipment. Seeing all of this was extremely eye opening. I realized how little I knew about what happens in WCCUSD and how little effort I put into learning more about my community. 

All of the speeches given by the different speakers were amazing. The speeches were all well thought out and very different from one another. It was unexpectedly extremely entertaining to listen to them --I expected to hear similar speeches for every cohort. 

One of the most exciting parts about this entire experience was the picture (actually pictures) we all took at the end. We all went outside and Don placed the parents in the back, the girls and the chaperones in the first two rows, and finally the boys on the floor in front of the girls. It all came together nicely after he adjusted us. Hopefully, we were able to all smile and not blink in at least one of the many photos he took so Don has a variety to choose from. Otherwise, Don will have a lot more photoshopping to do. 

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