Saturday, May 14, 2016

~Plus One at Cornell~

Mike Myrga
Our chaperone to Chicago and Ithaca
This past Monday I met the new addition to the Cornell cohort, our chaperone Mike. I was very nervous from the thought of who was going to be joining the cohort for the couple of weeks back East, the person looking over us in this unfamiliar place.Would he be nice? Is he going to be fun? Can we rely on him? I think all of these questions were going through our minds. The cohort got together at Mod's in Pinole ready to eat and of course do a little investigating on the new addition.

I walked in and was greeted very kindly by the new addition and was handed a paper with some ice breaker questions to get to know one another. I really liked the fact that he was trying to get to know who we are throughout the entire session and seemed happy to be there. 

I also was able to learn more about the cohort and chaperone of course. Thankfully everyone got along great as we talked about our interests and we all are very easy going.  Most importantly, though, we want to make the best of our time at Cornell. 

The meet and greet was a complete success -- the chaperone turned out to be nice and reliable and  I saw a fun and happy cohort. The meet and greet was a preview of what is to come at Cornell and I can't wait for the actual show!

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