Saturday, June 25, 2016

~A Dinner with Chicago~

On June 22 we had an informal dinner with some alums from UChicago at Lou Malnati's which consisted of the Cornell cohort, Simon, and Courtney. Simon is a student who actually was a part of The Ivy League Connection when he was at El Cerrito High School. 

During his time with the ILC he attended Columbia. He applied to a couple of different Ivy's, but he got into UChicago so that is where he is now. Courtney is a friend of Simons who has lived in the city of Chicago her whole life. It was cool to get a lot of information from them from first hand experience and it was an informal dinner, so it wasn't like they were representing a college so they didn't have any pressure to make it sound good. They spoke from the heart and very truthfully. 

They both talked about financial at aid at UChicago which was helpful. Courtney talked about how she was on the line of having and not having financial aid, but she said her family did need help. When she applied UChicago wasn't trying to give financial aid, but once she talked with the financial aid office they actually understood her situation and they helped her out. Which I thought was really cool because you can talk one on one with them and they actually see you and hear your story. It's not like they only think of you as just a random student and money, they actually see you as an individual and want to help.

Simon and Courtney talked about campus life a lot. Simon mentioned a lot of beautiful buildings around the campus and explained to us some student services they have like the umbrella service and what they actually provide for you. He said he really liked the campus and everything in it and he liked the Gothic feel. They also explained to us that there isn't much Greek life, but every year it’s expanding.

Simon and Courtney are political science majors so they mentioned more about their majors. Courtney, like I mentioned, is from Chicago so UChiacgo was pretty much the only school she applied to, she felt right at home there, but she mentioned that she wants to travel in the future—maybe London. 

They also talked about clubs at UChicago and Simon held a high position in a politics club. 

Simon also talked about housing. Simon described the dorm system as being split up almost in like a  Harry Potter movie. 

They also talked about how the school isn't really big on sports. 

Another thing that I thought was really intersting was that for their core classes they a variety to choose from so your core classes can actually typically be something your intersted in or can apply to your major. So pretty much you’re never taking classes that you absolutely don't want. 

I learned lot from Courtney who talked a lot to me about UChicago and what I could do for my major. She couldn't tell me much because she didn't know much about it. So she just let me know what type of jobs I could pursue and she mentioned the UN as an option for me which was cool to hear. They were both very informative they just couldn't tell as much as I wanted to know about my major in general but I learned it on the tour so it was fine, but other than that they were very informative and I was happy I got to meet them.

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