Monday, June 27, 2016

~First Day of New Surroundings~

This morning I woke up at 7:50 AM to get ready, eat breakfast and finally head to my class. My class was a 15 minute walk from the dorm which isn't too bad. I arrived at my classroom just before 9 AM, yet we started later because people got lost.

We started off with introductions in everyone in the class. It was different seeing everyone from different states and even continents. We all introduced why we were in the class and I thought it was really inspiring how many of the students had a lot of non-profits and actually raised a lot of money for each. Many of my peers actually shared my reason for taking the class because I want to major in Business and I want to develop as many skills as I can to become a better leader for my future career.

We than started the next part of the class which was history. We talked about the history of the books we were reading which were about exploration of Henry Hudson to explore a passage over the top of the world past the pole towards East Asia. I liked how he was explaining everything, but I thought it was a little boring because Don had already explained to me pretty much most of what he was talking about. Though he did talk a lot about the challenges one faced at the time period which was interesting because their were a lot like winds, ship technology and even diseases. Which I thought really expressed leadership because of the amount of risks and calculations one had to do.
The third part of the class everyone divided into groups into discussions. Our discussion was about leadership. We had  read one chapter about a leadership story and we just explained how we feel. So in this story their were Elliese and Milko who started a business and Milko would be the shy talker who stuttered a lot yet when he spoke about his business. He actually spoke with passion. That is what I talked about. Being a leader you get to develop skills that you never had or even strengthen because you are passionate of a subject. I really like the discussion part of the class because everything makes you think deeply.

After class I went to the IT department to see if they could fix my laptop which they ended up not being able to because it was a hardware problem. So Don has shipped a laptop to me which will arrive tomorrow.

Later on the cohort except for Kachi because of homework, the rest went to go see Mike at Target. We bought some laundry detergent that we all shipped in for. Than Mike took us to the food court and got some delicious shrimp teriyaki. We took bus to and from  Target which only cost 75 cents which is completely inexpensive.

I met a new friend in class today called Jane who I learned to connect with really well. Which only for this program I would have met her. I went to study at a lounge where I saw someone sitting by themselves so I sat next to her and we became good friends also, her name is Steph.
I finally went back to my dorm to work on papers  for my class tommorow.

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