Sunday, June 26, 2016

~ A New Day, New Friends~

Today was my second day at Cornell. I stayed up later the previous night blogging and putting together a Cornell picture. So I woke up at 7 AM and I decoded I was still tired so would sleep for another hour. I woke up again around 8 and decided to go visit Kachi in her room, she was sleeping so I woke her up and told her it was breakfast time and she said she wanted to sleep longer and I agreed so I sharing the bed with her and waking up at 10:30. Breakfast ended at 10:30 but neither of us was that hungry. I usually don't eat breakfast at home so I' m getting used to it little by little.

We just took a long time getting ready and than went to go get lunch. I ate these tasty cheesy breadsticks which was honestly the highlight of my meal. I usually drink this cantaloupe infused water which is really good, they have a variety of infused water. They changed up the water so I just filled up my water bottle with the fountain water next to my dorm which I actually really like because its cold. Maybe because I'm used to tap water? I don't know but I just save myself the money instead of buying water bottles and use the fountain which is good. After lunch we went to the Bear Necessity store located inside the same building where they sell a little bit of everything from milk to detergent. So if I need anything I will just go there.

After I came back to my dorm and went on a scavenger hunt with my unit and we just looked at different buildings and they gave us clues. I didn't really pay attention to finding the building I actually made more friends in my floor and got closer. Which I think was the same for everyone. The main focus of the activity was really to bond with everyone. After a while everyone agreed to come back to the dorms because the sun was just beating down on us and the humidity was difficult to work with.

I came back to the dorm to just hang with people from my unit and do some prereading for my inspiring leadership class. Which just consisted of chapter one which was about what a leader consists of and how to become a better leader--which they refer to in The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership

After I finished reading I went to the dining hall for some dinner. Today’s meal was pasta which was really good and the sauce was amazing.

After the dinner I went along with Kachi to the club signing activity. Which was held in a lounge and I signed up for hiking, movie, leadership, and board game club. Some of the clubs conflict with each other so whatever I am in the mood to do that day I'll decide. Yet, I am most interested in hiking club.

After the club signing Kachi and I left to go to Bear Necessities to go get some ping pong balls and a Frisbee. Frisbee because we all forgot to bring one and ping pong balls because our lounge doesn't have any. Then we made a stop at Insomnia Cookie and WOW is it good I tell you. 

We then went to go play ping pong in the lounge. Some people ended up coming down after seeing ping pong and I had a mini stereo so I had put on music. So I ended up making a lot of friends there who actually liked the same music as me and they were all super nice. I'm really happy I bought ping pong balls and had that stereo. 

After lots of fun I went to go take a shower because the stalls were empty. The bathroom and showers are connected so when you walk in there are shower stalls with curtain doors and if you keep walking forward a sink is at the end and the toilets are there. 

I went back to my dorm and kept reading a little for my class. Then there was check-in where we have to go downstairs and they check our IDs to make sure we’re in the building by a specific time. I told my roommate Jenny about Insomnia Cookie and we both started to crave it so we ordered delivery to the dorms. It's open till 3 AM for delivery which is really late, but anyways I'm going to go get my cookie.

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  1. Something is terribly wrong with our young people when they order cookies to be delivered. When I was your age...we had to trudge 20 miles through the snow--barefoot--to make our own cookies. But first we had to crush the sugar cane to make our own sugar and mill the wheat to make our own flour...Not buying it are you?