Thursday, June 23, 2016

~Food is Essential to Life; Therefore Make it Good~

The day started off with the cohort waking up a little later than we all wanted, so we didn't get as much time as we would have wanted to prepare for our departure to Northwestern.We all went downstairs to go eat breakfast at the hotel. The hotel had a variety of food which was delicious. I didn't eat very much, but my favorite part was honestly the bread. The bread was to die for with a rich butter to go hand in hand with the deliciousness. From there we took a taxi to Northwestern to catch a tour of the University. We arrived a little early so we had time to roam around for a bit. Then there it was right in front of us Lake Michigan which was very nice. The water was actually warm even though the weather wasn't as hot yet.
Lake Michigan close up

Meeting Place of tour

We had a presentation at this building that really just talked about the different schools they have on campus and college life at the school. After the presentation was over many tour guides came into the building and let us know about themselves and then we would group off. My tour guide minored in Business which I was happy to hear because that is the major I want to pursue. The tours led us to different buildings and the colleges around.

Deering Library
Deering Library
This building definitely caught my eyes for its structure and leaves. This library was beautiful on the outside too bad we didn't get to go inside.They also had a small pond which was cut off from Lake Michigan.

Norris University Center Pond

I ended up really liking the university before I wasn't interested in it at all. I was thinking of applying to this school, but than I asked about my major and they said they don't have business majors only minors. So now I am not applying anymore  because they don't have my major which is a total bummer.

After the tour we caught the train which was really cool because the outside looked like a very old train, but the inside was really technologically advanced it was all really nice. I think I choose the train over bart it just felt cooler and the views from the train were very nice also.

We arrived back at the hotel and waited to go out with Mike's cousin Amy. We went out to Eataly which was amazing I got a cannoli and a focaccia which was really good. Eataly is like a supermarket/food stand/restaurant. It held amazing food and Amy who has lived here in Chicago talked about the city a little more and took us to more places to sight see, well more like eat. She also told us about how she worked at CBS ,but the political part of it which I thought was cool.

Second Floor view
Mozzarella  Foccia
Olive Marinate
Chocolate Cannoli

After Eataly we went to Shake Shack, I just got a plain vanilla shake with whipped cream, but the food I saw inside looked amazingly delicious. Maybe next time though Shake Shack. The next destination was Dylan's Candy Bar which was heaven not kidding. It was just a two story floor filled with candy everywhere and knickknacks. There were a lots of really nice structures filled in the store.
Lollipop and Gummy Bear View
Jelly Bean Dispenser

Lollipop Structure
Colorful Candy

Here we have a showcase of many different famous celebrities, singers, actors, show hosts, to comedians; you get the idea. So this had all these famous celebrities favorite type of candy in each little box

Showcase of Celebrities Favorite Candy
Of Course their has to be a Chocolate Bunny

Rock Walls
On the right here we see one of the walls of this candy store where there is rocks engraved into the walls of the candy store. The rocks are all around the building and these rocks aren't just any rocks their from places all around the world!

Too Much Chocolate
Our next stop was a city favorite Garrett's Popcorn Shop where its famous for there Chicago style popcorn. I bought a tin for mine so when I get home I could share it with my mom so the taste will be as much a surprise to my mom as will be for me when we try it. We after went back to the hotel said our farewell to Amy and all just exercised than relaxed in our room.
Inside this Famous Shop

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