Sunday, June 26, 2016

How the Room Looks


I have the room 4343 which is on the 4th floor of South Balch Hall. Before I even walked into the room, I noticed how it was a room that was in a way shaped in a box and it was a corner room at the end of the hallway. My door was opposite another girl's room who looked to be a single but also might be a single with a shared bathroom because she was the first of many rows of doors leading to different rooms. However because mine was cut off from the rest of the rows I realize there is no dorm that is directly next to or connected to my own dorm room. I also noticed that the shower room was a few steps away from my dorm. So close that I would see the door just standing outside of my room meaning that the shower area is in a very convenient place for me. So far I feel great about the location of my dorm. Another thing I noticed about the rooms outside of my dorm is that most of them are single rooms with shared bathrooms. And I had expected most of the rooms to be doubles. 


Before walking into the room I see my room number (4343) and how outside my room the brown door has my name tag on it with a sticker from Mario. The door has a modern day keyhole, a vintage keyhole and a small golden doorknob. The door as a peep hole to see who is knocking as well.

Walking into the dorm I immediately see a bed pushed against the back white wall that is at least two and a half feet off the ground with a navy blue mattress that is carried by a metal bed frame. I'm a very tall person at about 5'10 and I am able to lie down all the way on the mattress so it's definitely tall enough for people around that size. I then look to see on the edge of the bed facing away from the wall, they supplied me with a pillow covered with a pillow case, two bed sheets, and a white blanket that isn't heavy yet isn't very light either. It has fabric that reminds me of a towel if that gives a better picture. The blanket is probably made from wool because it's a pretty rough feeling blanket. All of these items are folded and lying on top of the pillow except for a white long cloth that is skinnier than the bed. I'm not really sure exactly what is is but I'm thinking its maybe a little extra half blanket to put on us while we study? Or maybe an extra blanket if we happen to get cold at night. To the right of the bed is a brown wooden nightstand.

On the right side of the wall (from the view of the rooms entrance) there are three old wooden brown doors with very small golden knobs. Two out of three of these doors has a very vintage keyhole on them. These doors all resemble the door that leads inside the room.

The first door on the left is a shelf closet with 7 smaller brown shelves that seem as if they haven't been touched in a while, one middle white big shelf that could probably hold a carry-on luggage, and one medium shelf that could probably hold a large purse.

The next door led to my sink and this was the door that didn't have the vintage keyhole. On the back of the sink door there is a giant full body mirror and on the inside there is a white small sink which is big enough to put a small pouch on top of, two towelette holders on opposite sides of the sink room, an overhead light where you pull a string and it comes on, two opposite purse hangers, an electrical outlet with two ports, and a mirror in front of you that can open and when you open it you end up seeing two smaller shelves and one bigger one.

The third door led to a closet. On the back of the door was a medium sized mirror. The closet is able to be walked into and it has 6 coat hangers in total with three on opposite sides, a long horizontal pole that can be used to hang things (it did not come with hangers) and two shelves above that pole. I feel like this door contained the biggest room in area out of the three rooms.

On the front wall of the room next to the door there was a single brown wooden desk with 3 different small drawers in the front. There is also a big black lamp, a big white fan, two body towels and one face towel on the desk. Above the desk there is a medium sized mirror that is hanging, Underneath the desk there is three Ethernet outputs, one trash can and one recycling bin.

On the left side of the wall there are three older style windows and heavy cream colored curtains covering them both. There is an air vent that does not work and beside the third window there is a bookshelf with three shelf areas and a bottom half that can be opened to store more books. The room is all white with the bottom 6 inches of the wall painted a light brown color. The floor is a brown carpet.

I counted a total of 6 electrical outputs including the two in the bathroom. A pair is behind the bed and the other pair is next to the desk. 

One other thing worth mentioning is that when one turns off the overhead light the room gets EXTREMELY dark. Most people are used to having a little light glowing in the room somehow or it not being so dark that one can't just get up and go to the bathroom or check their phone without turning on the light but with the light situation here it's like once the lights go off you WILL NOT be able to see.

There are two doors leading to the bathrooms. 
When you enter through the door on the left, you first encounter the toilet stalls. There are about 4 toilet stalls in one row, and if you enter the next room area, which are where the sinks are, there is one more toilet stall. There are two sinks yet I find it strange how only one sink has a mirror. When you go to the next room, there are two rows of opposite showers and there are about 5 in both rows. The showers are spacey and have two hangers and one area to put down things like clothes and a pouch. The whole shower is covered by a shower curtain, but they aren't 100% private on the sides. I would definitely suggest getting a small pouch and a robe though.

- Nightlight!!! (seriously it gets really dark)
-Robe (really useful)
-Shower pouch
-Shower cap (depending on your hair type. This hasn't been recommended by other ILCers in the past but for people with kinkier and curlier hair types like I do I really recommend bringing a shower cap everywhere because NO ONE provides it and they do not sell it at the campus store. You really don't wanna leave that behind)

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