Monday, June 6, 2016

A Little Reassurance for the Parents

So today was Orientation Day. It was an event with most of the information the ILCers already knew however it was definitely a day for the parents. Today was the day where the parents would completely hear and understand the game plan for how we will get to Cornell, what we will do between that, what we need to pack, rentals and many other details. 

Don explained the process of what we needed to pack and the limitations that would happen at the airport. I had attended with my mother however she completely knew the drill when it came to flying since she's traveled a lot not only nationally but especially internationally. 

We then broke up into groups relative to our cohort and Mike being the awesome person he is, brought us all super amazing cookies to snack on while he tells us the Cornell game plan. I was super sick attending the conference and had a really bad cough but it definitely died down when he brought out the cookies (This proves that food is the cure to all things bad!). Anyways he told us a lot of information that we knew the basics of but he definitely went more into detail which helped a lot. He told us the exact schedule of what we would be doing before we get to New York and what we would be doing in Chicago and such. He also told us to find cool places to hang out in Chicago which is great because I have a good friend of mine from Chicago and I'm definitely asking where all the best spots are to hit up in the city. I'm also excited for the college tours we will be taking while we are there (University of Chicago and Northwestern).

Mike also went more into detail about the airplane situation and how the Cornell group will definitely have the most stops and flights to take. He also informed us about his exact role before we reach campus and when we reach campus (Cornell) and how we will end up being a little more independent then but how he would still be there to help us out whenever we needed something which is great. 

Then all the cohorts went back to the bleachers to listen to Don's final details on things we need to bring and rentals. And that was about it for the whole day. Overall it was a great final meeting before we take our flight and I can definitely say that I'm excited. Now to get onto the packing stage, which might be the hardest part for me. 42 pound limit for luggage? Now that sounds scary. But with a lot of the advice I received today and from the past journals of former alumni, I think I could make it work. 

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