Tuesday, June 28, 2016

~ Core Values With a New Laptop~

Today was my second day of class which was actually interesting. Today in our class discussion we talked about Henry Hudson and his values. Which are pretty much what you stand for. I liked it a lot because you get a realization of how people are really different, being if they're background, religion, or culture. Being a leader you have to work with people who have different values, yet still try to be apart of a team and incorporate everyone's idea while also not letting loose of your core values and objectives. Which is really difficult, but it is a skill every effective leader must have.Later in class we discovered what are our own core values by process of elimination. My core values were love, confidence, and balance. I think they are all important in daily life and are something I stand for so that is why I pick these as my top three core values.

After class I went to go eat lunch with Jane and a new friend named Lela from the same class. After lunch we actually went to .... Library to go finish some reading and homework for our class.

 Inside Uris Library
Later on I went to go play Frisbee with Kachi and a guy randomly came up to us and started playing. I thought that was really cool so we made a new friend named Christian. We played Frisbee for a while and  two other guys began to play with us too who were actually from my leadership class also , so I got to get closer to my peers. After we went to go get dinner. The dinner consisted of bread sticks and  turkey. YUM.  There I met a new friend who was Christian's room mate named William. After the dinner William, Christian, and I went to play some ping pong and just chilled in the lounge.

Finally I came back to my dorm and finished more of homework and took a wonderful nap. Don overnighted me a laptop and it arrived which I am so happy and grateful for because of my last minute broken laptop. Now I can finally work on papers and blog at Ease. Bless Ivy League.
North Balch (Left Side) South Balch ( Right Side)

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