Saturday, June 25, 2016

How The First Official Day of Exploring Cornell Went

So I woke up at approximately 7:30. I wanted to be early enough to pick up my room key and head out to the dining area before the first wave of people started checking into the dorms (which was supposed to start at 8:30). When I went downstairs to get my stuff, Cornell had given me a key card which held every part of my life at Cornell from how I would get into my dorm hall to how I would be able to eat food. The key card was literally the most important thing they gave me. They had also given me two keys: one to lock my room and one to access my mail. Also, they gave us a Cornell University bag that contained maps and information about my classes and Cornell. So I definitely received a lot of information. 

After picking up my things, we started walking towards the dining halls. But while walking towards the dining halls I really became able to look at how amazing the school really looked. It was absolutely gorgeous. I was stunned by the stone archetecture of the buildings and especially how they incorporated a more modern look along with the historical stone into some buildings. It was a very nice and scenic walk to the dining hall (Robert Purcell Community Center aka RRPC). 

We arrived at the RRPC. The dining hall was on the third floor and it was really awesome. They had multiple stations. The first thing I had noticed which was the intricate display of the various fruit waters. I thought it looked very nice. They had so many different fruits that they used but the cantaloupe flavored water was definitely my favorite.

The breakfast was awesome too! There were multiple students that were working there and they would help whenever they were needed. They also had a waffle maker which I found to be awesome because I miss making my own waffles. Also, I really liked how the cereal was in a prepackaged state instead of the ones that you would have to pour into a bowl because I like how portable breakfast can be at this school. The dining area looked very groovy and there were multiple seating areas as well. For breakfast I had a waffle, muffins and a little bit for french toast (which I did not really enjoy too much but the other two things were great!)

After breakfast, we headed out to look for the schools student store.. The route that we took was extremely long and with it being hot it didn't help with the discomfort. This is one of those places where I really suggest one to bring a reusable water bottle. I had left my water bottle in my luggage but if I brought it I could refill it at the dining area and then at least have something to drink as I walk around. The walk to the store took about 30 minutes though it definitely is a lot shorter if one knows their way or takes a different route. 

After reaching the store, we had ended up looking for what Cornell clothing to buy since the ILC would give us 60 dollars to buy any Cornell clothing we wanted. I had come out with a Cornell black jacket crew neck which I really liked because I really needed a new black jacket ever since I grew out of my  old one. I really liked the way it looked on me and I'm super thankful to the ILC. I had also purchased some Cornell sweatpants however I used my own money to get them since I really liked them. One thing I noticed about Cornell's store is how cheap everything is compared to the other schools we visited in Chicago. Maybe because Chicago has such a high sales tax or something else buy the price tag was definitely different at Cornell than the Chicago schools.

After Mike came down to Cornell, we had decided to try to take our pictures in our Cornell gear. We had heard so much about Vanderbilt and how they set the creativity bar so we the Cornell ILC'16 group decided to set it higher. We figured out a way to creatively make a picture that accurately represented our cohort. And now that your suspense is built up, I should now tell you that the picture will be released very soon...

After we finished taking our amazing picture, it was around 3 o clock so we headed inside to a large stage where hundreds and maybe even a thousand people were seated. It was such a massive room with a full bottom middle and a circular top with multiple rows as well. At this stage is where we would hear multiple people of the Cornell Summer College team tell us the summer game plan. They gave us many break downs of the rules and what we should and should not do. One rule that really stood out to me was the fact that we weren't allowed to swim in the Gorge waterfall area and even the fact that they dedicated a whole video to it showing how important the rule is. It made sense though because many people have died from underestimating how powerful the waterfall is so the information was very helpful. They then introduced funny speakers and overall it was a pretty good conference.

After the conference we then broke off into the guides that would take us to see our class instructors. I had met two girls in my class, one being from Minnesota under a similar program to ILC and one being from China. It was great talking to them because now I know some people within my class which is great and makes the experience a lot better to know that there are people I can have fun working with. 

My Public Policy professors are great as well. I'm going to have around four of them. Each of them will teach us a specific topic like mass incarceration, immigration, and health reform. I was also happy at the fact that my class made it easier on everyone and decided not to give us books but instead online articles to read on a website I used almost everyday in junior year. My professors answered many questions and told us to really take advantage of the opportunity. I really liked how they told us that we would be learning the logistics without the emotion attached to certain topics because I feel like I can learn a lot from that. They didn't tell us much after that. One of the professors showed us where the class would be and we started to head back.

As I started to head back with my new roommates I had realized something: I have absolutely no water. As someone who is a water fanatic and human I really can't see myself surviving without water and so me and my new classmates went to the Cornell store to pick some up. I really liked the Cornell Bear Necessities store because they had everything I would need to water bottles to laundry detergent. It was great. Another thing I really have to recommend is bring money to buy stacks of packets of water because there is no real access to real water in South Balch Hall. Well, maybe because I am picky when it comes to water but I don't consider a water fountain something I would want to be using as my main source of water for the next 4+ years of my life in college so definitely bring packets of water or money to buy some and just put under your bed or in the closet. 

After dropping off my packets of water I ended up heading back to the RRPC to pick up some dinner. Dinner was FANTASTIC. There was so many different options and so many things I had been craving. Breadsticks, Pizza Alfredo, home made chicken nuggets, fries. IT WAS BEAUTIFUL. I absolutely loved it. The cooks are also very good. There was definitely a line at first to get into dinner but it was only about 3 or 5 minutes. Definitely worth it. 

An hour after dinner I headed back to my dorm to blog. I came out to get some ice cream from the Ice Cream social event as well and that soon ended when everyone was called to their dorm for a dorm unit meeting. In our meeting it was our Room Unit Advisor basically telling us the rules of housing and what we needed to understand. I was worried about the idea of checking in for Night Check because I'm scared that I might fall asleep before Night Check and it's something that you have to go to, even if you are inside, or else you will face disciplinary action. Hopefully I'll get used to it. 

And that was how my day ended off. It was very eventful and I have a feeling that tomorrow will be the same. Let's just hope that I don't end up with more blisters on my feet from all that walking. Note to self and others: Bring comfy shoes. Even if they aren't cute. If they're comfy you will grow to love them. 

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