Thursday, June 30, 2016

Dinner With the Professor and Hiking Near the Gorges

Today was more interesting then yesterday, however I started out with my usual routine of waking up at 7:30 and going to class at nine. The class routine was extremely different today. Instead of saving the discussing for the end, we held two discussions today. One in the beginning of class and one in the end. The first discussion was about legalizing marijuana and our stance on it. It was pretty alright seeing and hearing all of the different opinions. My professor then went into lecture and then the discussion of legalizing prostitution. I was assigned to do a memo policy on this yet I was slightly stuck writing it so it was helpful getting a lot of insight from my peers.

After class, the professor decided to treat the whole class out since it was his last day teaching us. He took us out to eat at the Statler hotel: an on campus hotel run by the students of the Hotel Operations class. The restaurant is located on the second floor of the hotel. It was very high class and premium with a buffet style setting for lunch. The restaurant looked absolutely beautiful. It was interesting going to this lunch because I managed to talk to my professor one on one about why he chose his field of economics. It was really interesting to hear his perspective and how he fell in love with economics because I have been interested in economics for quite some time and because of how interesting his class is and how Cornell using economics so phenomenally, I'm a lot more interested in pursuing a degree in it.

After the buffet, I went to the computer lab to finally submit my memo and then I worked on some college application essays. I went to eat dinner then went back to my dorm to get ready to go hiking,which was a club I signed up for. I was going with a friend and along the way we got to know a new friend from our Public Policy class. During the hiking trip we took a tour of the gorge that resides near Balch Hall and we circled around it. It was such a beautiful sight.

After hiking I invited my two friends back to my dorm hall which is where we played table tennis and multiple different card games while getting to know each other better. We then took a walk around campus and hung around Mary Donlon hall and ventured out until it was time to go back to Balch for check in.

Overall it was a very fun day. The dinner with my professor and seeing the gorges were definitely the highlight of my day. I'm excited to see what happens tomorrow.

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