Sunday, June 26, 2016

Day Two of Cornell, and the Last Day Before Class

Today I woke up at around 10ish. It was probably the first day I got to sleep in since I left California. I stayed a little bit in bed to check some emails from my professor. They sent a lot of detail about my course and the things I would need to begin reading for the next day. 

After briefly looking through the things they had sent, I decided that it would be a better time to leave it until later on in the day. I decided to head out to the RPCC though I arrived a bit late however I did make it in time for the beginning of lunch (which starts pretty early at Cornell). So I managed to fill myself with some lunch time foods and refill my water bottle and then head to the Bear Necessities store to buy more crates of water for my room. 

After putting away my water crates, I had headed off to meet with my unit adviser and other girls in my unit. I was in charge of marking off where we needed to head off to next which meant I would have the paper with the list of buildings on it. It was great because I was able to familiarize myself with the buildings. And see many buildings I hadn't seen before. I also got the time to socialize with more people about where they come from and discuss the differences of where we came from which was pretty cool and enlightening to hear about. 

After the tour, we had headed to dinner at the RPCC. I noticed that Cornell's lunch kitchen is very similar to the dinner kitchen and that they have very similar foods from day to day. However the food is great so I'm not complaining yet. I had refilled my water bottle again and then after quickly eating dinner we headed to the Cornell Club/Activity Rush happening at Mary Donlon Hall, which I was the most excited to hear about.

The Activity Rush featured about 10 or 12 clubs we would be able to sign up for at our stay at Cornell. So I decided to sign up for Diversity club (club about talking about diversity and the differences that come with it. And I'm really excited about this club to meet people who are interested in things I am interested in pertaining to diversity), Leadership club (an interesting club about the mafia and how the leadership roles take place in it), Movie club (a movie watching club), Hiking club (a club to the the wonders of Ithaca), Dodge ball club (club about playing dodge ball) and board game club (a club dedicated to playing board games and meeting people). I probably can't go to all of these clubs but I really hope to go to most of them as for the fact that I REALLY love being in clubs. Even if I have the slightest interest in it I still try to sign up and see how I can learn something, meet people with similar interests, or have fun. So I'm really excited about this.
After the activity fair, Diana and I decided to head out to the closer part of town. The town was under a lot of construction but it was a very skinny road that was both commercial and residential. It also was a very good view of  the trees in Ithaca. It was only about 20 minutes away but we wanted to pick up a Frisbee and a few ping pong balls to finally get the chance to play ping pong. Also, we saw it as the chance to check out the Insomniac, the Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich shop that is similar to Cream, the one we have in the Bay Area. It was very good and had a lot more Ice Cream in the cookie compared to Cream however it was pricier than Cream. So it's overall a trade off. They both taste very similar. 
When we arrived back, we were able to finally play Ping Pong and relax a little bit before heading upstairs to get to work on reading the material for our classes. Overall it was a great day and I'm excited to start classes tomorrow.


  1. Dang but that’s a lot of clubs you’ve joined.

    In all of the years we’ve sent ILCers to Ithaca this is the first time I can recall anyone posting photos of downtown. This is interesting.

  2. Wouldn’t it have been cheaper to bring a small water filter instead of buying so many bottles of water? I hope that you’re at least buying the gallon jugs and refilling a bottle to carry out (protecting the environment and all).