Friday, June 24, 2016

~ Last Day in the City~

Today I woke up very early around 5:00 AM because I didn't feel like organizing my luggage the night before so I decided to do it in the morning which wasn't too bad, because I just made sure I slept earlier. So the cohort got all our luggage together and went downstairs to eat breakfast.  I had a delicious waffle with, blueberry sausage, a sandwich croissant, bread with butter and Corn salsa.

After breakfast we all grabbed our luggage and put it on a bell hop and than proceeded on a taxi to UChicago. It wasn't too long the drive to UChicago thankfully. We arrived at their Rockefeller Chapel which was where the beginning of the tour/presentation will be held. The UChicago staff were almost bribing us with gifts once we arrived we were immediately given a paper fan with out tour guide number and even a little folder with information about UChicago and a coupon to their book store and even gave each and everyone of us sunglasses. After the gifts we headed inside the chapel, but I don't really understand why they call it a chapel because it's in reality a size of a cathedral so I still wonder about that aspect. The chapel was beautiful inside and out with a Gothic theme. 

After we got settled into the chapel we waited for a while for the presentation to start which was by the head admissions officer who told us a lot of facts about the school and a couple of aspects. He mostly talked about admission into the college which I thought was very helpful. I like how they don't just decide your admission based off only test scores, GPA, or etc; its a mixture of everything which I felt more assures that  I still have a chance to this college and he even mentioned how many students apply to this college with perfect scores yet 60% are rejected which gave me a a good and bad feeling. At UChicago they have very wacky essays which I think is fun because they stray more away from the traditional application to let us be more ourselves and think outside the box.

After this presentation their was a Q/A with alums from UChicago. I didn't honestly get a lot of information from that part because it was more of basic information and I already knew the answers to most because of the dinner with Simon. After the Q/A we went to go find our tour guide 27. The tour guide was very nice showing us a lot of different places around the college. The information she was giving us was pretty much the same as the tour from Northwestern. The only thing I really took from the tour was I learned more about accessibility on campus to different diners, dorm,s, gyms, and even outside campus services. Which was pretty neat our tour guide was a theater major so she talked a lot about theater which was interesting, but non-relative from my major. I found out that UChicgo does not have a business program either but they do have Economics and other branches of business I can study and have a program where I can be on track for graduate school to get a degree in  business. So at first I was thinking for applying early admission to this college, but now I'll still apply, but it won't be my number one school. 

After the tour ended the tour even gave us Popsicle yes I said it jolly rancher Popsicle, I don't think it can get any better. They also provided water since it was very hot on that day.After that we went to the book store and I got a cute planner. Than we caught a taxi back to Giordano's and bought some really good deep-dish pizza everything we ordered was delicious.

We got back to the hotel grabbed all of our bags waited for the shuttle and back to the airport we go. We went to the ORD Airport where I bought this really cute glass water bottle from Starbucks that said Illinois, sadly I went to another Starbucks after and I found a Chicago one, but it's okay the Illinois bottle was cute. Than we were on our way to the Detroit airport. We arrived at the Detroit with about 1 hour to spare. I found a really nice fountain on our way to the gate and when we continued we saw the most amazing moving walkway. That had changing vibrant color and soothing music. Then we were on our way to Ithaca.

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