Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Until June 22nd

Don stopped by to snap some photos while our
cohort was gathered.
I think I didn't smile soon enough.
Today at Pinole Middle School all of the Ivy League Connection scholarship recipients, our chaperones and parents met up so we could have one final meeting before we see each other again on Departure Day. The chaperones each introduced themselves and talked a bit about themselvesIt was mostly an orientation for our parents; to reassure them that we'll be in good hands while we're back east.  For the most part, we ILCers heard stuff we had heard once or twice before from Don. Mostly it was how to pack, loaner items, rules, and expectations. 

The really nice part of the meeting was breaking up into our cohorts with our chaperone so our parents got a chance to meet Mike. He brought cookies for all of us, which was really sweet of him. We seriously have the best chaperone. We also got our itinerary, and my cohort was rather bummed out to see that visiting Columbia was not part of the trip. Also, our cohort is the only one that will be taking 5 flights altogether, sounds exhausting but we can do this. Our first stop is Chicago, and I'm thrilled to know we're going to have a whole day to explore the city. Mike booked us a tour of Northwestern University and UChicago. I cannot wait to see the campuses and take in all of Chicago. 
All 5 of our lovely chaperones
Around that time, my parents became aware of how independent this experience is going to be, our chaperone isn't expected to see us every single day or be with us every time we decide to explore something new at Cornell. This whole thing happened so quickly. It seems so crazy how this anticipated trip is getting closer and closer, and with that the realization that we're going to be pretty much on our own. Nevertheless, Mike reassured if anything happened he'd be there, staying at hotel run by Cornell's Hotel and Management. 

After we all gathered back together, Don brought out and showed some of the loaner items available and explained why we needed many of these things. There are so many useful things and so little space. We're reminded to pack very light, as it's going to be hot and we'll most likely buy things to bring back. Once Don had gone through the numerous items list, he told us we should probably start the packing and everyone either went home, turned in forms like I did, or had something for Don to scan.

I wish it was already Departure Day, but I'm definitely scared too. I don't want to forget anything or bring too much, but nothing is ever perfect. All we get to do is wait and hope for the best.

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