Sunday, June 26, 2016

~ The New Adventure to Ithaca~

On the plane ride to Ithaca I noticed beside me was a younger guy who had a lot of red gear on so I asked him if he was from Cornell and he answered yes. His name was Kyle Dake, I told him about the Ivy League Connection and how I am doing summer college at Cornell—which he thought was great. He actually already graduated from Cornell not too long ago.

Kyle Dake doing what Kyle does
He literally told me everything I could ever think of about Cornell—I don't even know where to begin. We talked the whole entire plane flight to Ithaca. Also we talked about our personal lives and experiences a little, too, so I got to know him really well. I told him how I wanted to study international business and he said how Cornell was a great place to be because of the business, economics, and hotel school. So I have a lot of options. He mentioned that I should apply to AIM which is like a program for business and he thinks that would really suit me. He talked about how Cornell is really diverse people are from everywhere and Cornell has many schools internationally, so if I want to do international business it’s a great opportunity for me. 

He mentioned a lot about the campus and places to sightsee and how beautiful the campus is—and now that I’m seeing it I can totally agree one-hundred percent.

He advised me on different ways I could get in to the business school like transferring because the business school is competitive. He talked about what I could say on my application because I pretty much gave him my whole life story. He said I could use a lot of my extracurriculars to my advantage, which I started to feel more and more I had a chance. He recommended me to apply for early admission which I will be doing and hopefully they accept me. I really like all the opportunities this college has for me and even the campus is beautiful how can I say no?

He talked about everything pretty much. He talked about also how he had a fiance from Cornell and she majored in global communications so he also recommended that to me. He was a really good wrestler and won a lot of championships at Cornell and was really close to even going to the Olympics for wrestling which I thought was amazing. He even knew my professor who will be teaching my Inspiring Leadership course and he said he was a really awesome teacher so I felt relieved. 

So once I got to Cornell I just settled in and slept. I woke up early around 8 AM to go get my ID and key to my room. Cornell was nice and gave us lanyards, campus papers, and even a cute little backpack. After I went to breakfast I didn't eat a whole lot but everything I ate was good.

After breakfast the Cornell crew went to go to the Cornell store and gear up and Mike met us up there. I got a Nike Dri-fit that said Cornell on the side which cost originally $80 but I found it on clearance so it turned out to be $50, which was a steal. I also fell in love with a grey hoodie that cost about $37 which was pretty cheap compared to other college stores. I think Cornell had a lot of cheap hoodies and crewnecks and even a couple of t-shirts, but everything else was the normal overpriced college apparel. 

After the Cornell cohort got Cornell apparel we decided to take a creative picture. Don has always talked about how Vanderbilt took a nice picture on a Vanderbilt sign and sat on it. So the Cornell cohort wanted to be the cohort that Don talks about in future references. So we spent most of our time walking around campus to take this creative picture that Mike helped out with also.
Eat your heart out, Vanderbilt.
After we took pictures we went to the orientation which just talked about rules safety mostly. After we met up with our course class and was guided to a designated room and so my professor gave us a syllabus and talked about what we are going to be learning and doing. He mentioned his background and talked about speakers who will be coming. I thought it was funny because two of the speakers are from California so I thought that was cool.

I like the professor a lot. After class I asked him a question about the books and then mentioned Kyle who I met on the plane and he thought that was cool I met him and mentioned that he made history at Cornell and he’s really famous which I didn't know and so I got to know the teacher a little more than most. 

I walked to the dining hall after which was about a 15 minute walk, but what made it bad was the heat that was going on but I survived so it’s ok. The food for dinner was so good I had pasta, pizza, and breadsticks which were amazing. 

I met two new people who had a similar name to me just the pronunciation was different. Anyway I left and went back to my dorm. Then there was an event called “the ice cream social” so I made another friend who is from Hong Kong and we got ice cream together and had a really nice conversation and just hanged out the entire time.

I took a shower right after I was done because since everyone was outside the showers were EMPTY which was great and then finally I had a unit meeting so I got to know everyone on my floor more. I finally met my roommate I hadn't met her because when I was in the room she wasn't or vice-versa. I really like her she very nice so I know were going to become very close and she’s from China—which is cool. I'm writing my blog on my phone sadly because my laptop screen won't turn on so hopefully tomorrow it does and I can blog with ease. 

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