Saturday, June 25, 2016

More on: Simon From UChicago

The night that we went to dinner at Lou Malnati's with Simon, the student from UChicago that attended the Columbia summer program though Ivy League Connection, we did learn a little about what he and his future roommate Courtney do at UChicago. Simon and Courtney both are majoring in Political Science, and Courtney also wants to minor in something else. Courtney wasn't sure about Political Science at all at first but because UChicago does the core classes, she took a political science class and loved it. They both like the core classes because you can fulfill with just about anything you're interesting. Simon is now working at the mayor's office, and this is mostly because how politics-centered UChicago kind of is. 

Courtney is actually from Chicago, so UChicago is basically the only college she applied to. On the other hand, Simon applied to a couple other schools, too. He did say that he enoyed the application because his essay aside from the personal statement was about explaining a joke without ruining it. He said he mostly referred to a lot of movies in the essay. But, everyone does their own thing with that essay.

As for clubs and other extras, Simon is in a politics club. UChicago has many different clubs, but there's a lot of theatre things going on. Also, if Greek life is something that matters to you, they said that Greek life isn't too big at UChicago, but it's been gradually rising over the years. Additionally, most of their sports are Division three. They both also explained the housing to us, which we went over again at the tour, but it was about being divided into houses within the dorms. 

I learned a lot from Courtney and Simon, but it made me realize that it wasn't going to be my top choice to go to UChicago, but I'm still going to apply because the campus is beautiful and they have a lot of good classes for social science. 

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