Tuesday, June 21, 2016

A Few Hours Before Lift Off

In approximately 10 hours from now, I will be in the air at San Francisco airport headed for Chicago. I can't really even express everything I'm feeling at the moment. Excitement? Fear? Exhilaration? However, one thing I definitely feel is exhaustion. Throughout the past few weeks I kept random tabs in my head for things I should probably pack and it wasn't until a few days ago where I finally put that list together and really saw what things were missing from my luggage. I can definitely say that in this past 3 days I've went to Walmart at least 5 times. And I'm pretty sure I can find any aisle with my eyes closed at this point.

As for how my family will feel about me being away, their reactions are pretty different. I think my dad is more used to the whole idea since he's always traveling across the country for school related things so he's very calm about the whole thing. He just gave me my allowance and was like "Well, see you later." 

My mother was a bit different though. She keeps asking me if I'm scared that I will be away from home by myself to which I reply that I'll be away for actual college in a year so I'm glad I could get the chance to get used to it. She then replies that places like Berkeley and Davis aren't very far. Ultimately she's just scared of the idea of me being really far outside of California but I know she will get used to the idea eventually. 

My younger siblings' reaction to the whole idea are a bit more brutal. I try to scare my 4 year old brother by walking out the front door and saying "Bye I'm going on an airplane." Yet he just stares at me like I'm crazy and annoying -- mostly annoying. He'll start asking about me no doubt.

I asked my youngest sister how she would feel with me gone. My other younger sister is away at a Berkeley academic camp similar to ILC for 6 weeks so she's going to end up being the oldest in the house for the first time. And she replies to me with "Well finally I can have the PlayStation to myself for once!" Can't blame her for saying that. But I bet she will be the first one to call me when I get to Chicago. 

Well everything is packed up and I'm definitely ready to head off. Right now the hard part is just getting to bed early. But I'm turning off my phone and leaving it to charge so I will have no distractions. Definitely ready for tomorrow!

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