Tuesday, June 7, 2016

~ A Final Meeting for All ~

Today at Pinole Middle was the Ivy League Connection final meeting.We all waited for a little while outside the Pinole Middle School gym waiting for the doors to unlock. After the doors were unlocked we all sat in a little center of the benches and continued to wait to Don to begin speaking. Don first talked about what we were going to be going over and details about the trip. Than, he introduced the chaperones as one-by-one gave a speech which talked about from what they hope to accomplish with us to a little about themselves.
Chaperones of each cohort giving a introductory speech
All the speeches were great it was a great sight to see each of the chaperones being the equal amount of excitement to travel to the East Coast as we were. After, we all dispersed into our cohorts with chaperones talking about the schedule, than onto our college visits, and more in detail about what will actually happen at Cornell. It was great visit for our parents because they were able to actually able to get know more of who will be with us on our trip and know more of our schedules and even a wake up call that we are actually leaving to an Ivy League College. It was time to fill out and turn in our loaner request forms for things that we don't have that are necessary for the trip which was great that the Ivy League actually does help out with even the little things.We were also reminded about stuff to bring which I'm making my checklist. Finally, we were provided with blogs from previous ILC'rs informing on the things to expect and more what to bring lists.It already becoming crazy that in two weeks I will be on a plane to New York for this summer program and hopefully next year I will be on a plane to New York for college.

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