Thursday, June 30, 2016

~Connections Are Key~

Today I woke up at 8 AM to get ready ready for class.Our discussion today was about Henry Hudson's leadership. We almost finished the book, but we are stopping because we already read the main story. We mostly analyzed in discussion what were some of the main aspects that ultimately created his down fall, which in my opinion was his lack of communication and connections with his crew. If you don't know the tale of Henry Hudson long story short he was a captain that his crew committed mutiny against out at sea.  We have to write now an argumentative essay explaining what was the main factor  that led to his downfall. I really thought it was interesting to see how lack of common values and connections in a team can have such a disastrous effect. I really took this as a lesson for future leadership situations to make sure I communicate well with my team and  form bonds with them.

After discussion we watched a video on leaders and how their beliefs and why they do what they do takes them a long way. A speaker was explaining how Apple is very successful because they tell why they do what they do while other companies mention only what they do and how which most consumers don't pay attention to. It's a very weird subject yet very interesting. The video's message to me was always explain why you do what you do, belief is everything. Do not just do anything for anything, make sure your beliefs are authentic values  or your team will fall apart.

After class I left with Jane to go eat and than  hang out in in the dorms lounge and read. We went on a walk and discovered more views at Cornell. From there we left to the bookstore and back to the dorms. I started to work on my outline for my upcoming essay, so its easier for me to write about it. After much studying I left to go eat dinner.I met a new friend Alex who was apart of Kachi's class and another mutual friend of ours Diana.

Entrance to Cornell University
I went to go meet with my RA to talk about how my classes are going and how I like Cornell, the basic questions you could say. I really  liked my RA her name is Ceile. She has already helped me with my essay I submitted yesterday with some finishing touches and she is very helpful in general, I am really happy she's my RA.

I finally walked around with Kachi and Diana to see the beautiful stars outside the dorm, I tried taking a picture of it, but it didn't come out well. I will try tomorrow to see if I get better results. I even saw fireflies for the first time today, they are so beautiful as well.

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