Tuesday, June 7, 2016

The Orientation

Tonight was the last event for Ivy League Connection until Cornell cohort boards a plane to start our college touring. We listened to Don talk for a while about what to expect before the trip and then the chaperones all introduced themselves to our parents. All of the chaperones did wonderfully, especially Michael Myrga (my chaperone) but I also really liked the introduction from Brown's chaperone. She started off with saying she has an accent. She then delivered her punchline, "I didn't know that until I came here." I personally think her little joke really livened up the mood and made the parents more relaxed about sending their children thousands of miles away from home with an almost complete stranger. 
Michael Myrga is the one in the green shirt. 

After some more talking we went into a break out session where our chaperone talked about our itinerary and other trip related topics. It wasn't until right then and there that I realized I am going to be boarding a plane to the East Coast in approximately 15 days. Prior to the orientation, heading to the East Coast seemed very far away and didn't really process in my mind yet. Now, it seems as if the trip is coming really fast and that I'm not at all prepared. There are still many technicalities to be worked out before we can actually board the plane, but as we all receive more and more information I get more and more excited. 
I don't look excited in this picture, but I definitely am.

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