Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Day Before

Tomato and Eggs , Grilled Chicken , and Boiled Iceberg Lettuce
It's finally the day before the Cornell Cohort boards the plane to the East Coast. While I am extremely excited to attend Cornell's Summer College program for high school students and tour around Chicago, I'm also extremely sure that I will miss my family. I have been away from home on overnight trips before, but this is the first time that I will be away for more than a week. It's actually really overwhelming and scary when I think about being away from my mom for so long. Usually, I know that she's within driving distance from me and could come if something were to happen, but this time it's different. She'll be thousands and thousands of miles away from me. 

I talked to my mom about eating out today, but we decided a home cooked meal would be best considering that I will probably be eating out quite a bit for the next several weeks. My brother, mom, and I made my favorite foods in the kitchen. It was actually an interesting experience because my brother is usually never in the kitchen. I totally thought, and told him, that he was taking up a lot of space since he was standing randomly for a lot of the cooking, but props to him for seasoning and grilling the chicken when the time came. I showed my brother how to make the tomato and eggs while my mom boiled the iceberg lettuce. 

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  1. Shuxin, that looks delicious. And while there is nothing like home cooking, I imagine you are going to find all sorts of new favorite things as you begin your journey. Happy trails!