Thursday, June 30, 2016

Studying for My Quiz

We spent today's morning lecture talking about our own intuition and how that comes to play. The professor asked us who would be willing to play a game where we would flip a coin and if the student was able to call it correctly they would gain ten dollars from the professor but if the student calls it incorrectly then the student would give the professor ten dollars. With the possibility of winning ten dollars you would think that a lot of us would raise our hands, but only about five in a class of thirty-seven people raised their hands. Only a few people were willing to play this game because psychologically the risk of you losing something is a very negative feeling which would seems to not outweigh the benefit of winning ten dollars for most people. What's even more interesting is that the person who did win would need to have a larger monetary incentive for them to participate in the same game. I personally believe this has to do with feeling territorial over the money that you did win and if you were to lose then you would lose all feeling of accomplishment, which is a negative feeling that we all wish to avoid. After the main lecture we went into our discussion groups to review for the quiz tomorrow. We went over a lot of material that really helped. 

After lunch at the dining hall, I went with a friend to Cornell's Dairy Bar. I got two scoops of ice cream, strawberry and triple play chocolate. It was really good. We then took the bus back to central campus and I went to the Cornell Store to buy a new pair of flip flops because the ones I use in the shower broke on me in the morning. So, I bought a red pair of Cornell flip flops. I was actually super lucky because I found them on sale. Though, Cornell Store's merchandise is cheaper compared to University of Chicago's and Northwestern's merchandise. 

At 3:15 PM I went to my second class. We learned about different types of mental disorders, their treatments, and finally tried to diagnose a woman who had bipolar disorder. It was actually super strange because almost everyone thought she was a schizophrenic, but she actually had bipolar disorder. She was originally diagnosed incorrectly as a schizophrenic in her 20s because at the time bipolar disorder didn't exist, but ten years later when her husband took her to the hospital for strange symptoms he saw in her she was eventually diagnosed with bipolar disorder and was able to get the right medication for it. 

Afterwards I spent a while in my room studying for my quiz before going to dinner and going back to my room to study some more. Around 9:00 PM I went over to Balch Hall to study with my friend. We played a game of Egyptian War beforehand so we could be happy and study in our best state (reference from one of my previous blogs). The game was actually super intense and the three other girls kept slapping back into the game. I didn't end up winning because they all kept coming back into the game, but it was still really fun and a good break from the intense studying. After the game ended we quizzed each other and this was really helpful because she had certain questions I hadn't thought about and vice versa. When it got close to 11:00 PM I went back to my dorm for check in and finished studying before going to sleep. 

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