Tuesday, June 21, 2016

~ Few More Hours till Chicago Chicagooo~

Chicago here I come. In a few more hours I will be meeting at El Cerrito High School at 10 to 3 in the morning. Yes, a long day awaits. My luggage weighed and if I have all necessary materials will be checked. From that point I will say goodbye to my parents and hello to my cohort and chaperone and will be shipped of in a shuttle to SFO.

At Chicago we will be visiting Northwestern and UChicago. I am very excited for these two because who knows I might fall in love with them and next year you will see me attending one. I definitely want to take a lot from these colleges because they can be my future. Other than colleges we will be visiting the Sky Deck and seeing the jelly bean at Chicago, I can't wait to take pictures! Then our days at Chicago will end and a flight to Ithaca will be in place.

I am very excited for my inspiring leadership course I can't wait to be a part of the program which is not just book studies, but physical activities as well. I am a little nervous with everything I am going to be exposed to like being away from my family, but this is all just a part of life and seeing where it takes us. I like the books that we will be reading for my course they all seem very interesting and two of the books are very adventurous--just my cup of tea. I also know that one of the days we will be almost in boot camp you might say using their training course which should be fun, time to get in shape. 

Yet, I can't forget the main reason I am excited I will be dorming in South Balch Hall in this prestigious university. I am elated to see the campus and get the feeling of college life, especially the food! 

I am very thankful to the Ivy League Connection and especially Don for this amazing and once in a lifetime opportunity. Thank you for everyone's support. Now I have to try to get some sleep for tomorrow. I know I am going to have a great time with my amazing chaperone and one of a kind cohort!

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  1. Diana, what an adventure awaits. Love to hear your excitement and hard work already paying off. Take it all in and maybe a deep dish pizza before your next journey