Wednesday, June 22, 2016

~ A Picture Can Tell a Thousand Words, But a Few Words Can Tell It's story~

Field Museum at Sky Deck

Todays blog is packed with pictures. My day started at 2:50 AM with a meeting at El Cerrito High School. This is where are parents gave us farewell and cohort and chaperone we say hello. Don weighed our luggage told us from now on we have to blog every night to just final messages about our flight. We grabbed our final snacks and any remaining things we needed and went to take a group picture and boarded our shuttle to SFO.

(In Back)Chaperone:Mike Girls: Joceline, Kaichi, Diana(myself), Shuxin(Left to Right)
Our plane took off at 6:45 AM. I was sitting next to Joceline and beside us was a man from Pennylsvania. He informed us about UPenn it's campus and major, but we didn't talk very long because he seemed more interested in looking at his tablet, but thats ok. Joceline and I had a great time looking out the window and talking among ourselves.

After landing we took a shuttle to the hotel. Once exiting the airport we were slapped with humidity that us "California Girls" have never experienced to. Our driver told us about all the places to visit in Chicago,but sadly we couldn't have time for everything. Yet, we did get to do one very interesting thing.

We arrived at the Omni Hotel where my first impressions were just wow what is this fancy skyscraper building, but than I did realize this was our hotel.Everyone at the hotel was very friendly it was very quick to get into our rooms and the rooms were beautiful whole Cornell cohort can agree that this is one of the nicest hotels we have ever been to. We quickly threw our bags in the room and got ready for an adventure.

We caught a cab with the most interesting  Greek cab driver I have ever had. This cab driver asked us where we are from to what we want to do in college. He even gave us real life lessons which went around the lines of "You don't have to get married you are all independent smart young ladies" or "Kids aren't always the best choice". All I can say is that he was a very unique driver. He told us that he lived in Chicago for 45 years and had never once traveled to the very place were visiting... Willis Towers, or here is a more familiar name sky deck.


The Beautiful View
The sky deck was amazing in the beginning we were able to go through an elevator which would compare how far up we were to real life monuments like the statue of liberty. The tower is 103 floors. Everyone even jumped on the sky deck which was very scary, but once done you felt no regrets.
Casually Laying Down at 1,353 ft Above the Ground

After a long day we finally went to go eat at Lou Malnatis to go meet with alumni from UChicago, Simon and Courtney. I had my first deep dish pizza which was amazing I would never get tired of it and we ended the meal with a cookie and icecream dessert. Anyway they both gave us a lot of information about UChicago that you can't get anywhere, but from them. They informed us about financial aid to campus life. Courtney helped me a lot with discussing my major (International Business) and she told me what classes I would take at UChicago and how its a very supportive environment. We all had a good time talking. I definitely am going to apply to UChicago because of this dinner which I never would have thought I would even consider I definitely got to experience a little glimpse of the city life and weather, but I think I could get used to it. 

Lou Malnatis Classic Pizza

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