Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Arguments and Views

This morning I was woken up by the fire alarm tests. I knew they were going to happen, because we were reminded yet I chose not to get out of bed. It wasn't really loud or an awful experience, but the guys doing the testing probably felt bad or something. Because it was past 10 AM when I woke up, I didn't go to breakfast and only got dressed for class. Yet again, I hoped to make it to lunch at Trillium, but I found a classmate, Sara, on my way to class and decided to go straight to class. Only one student, Abe, was already there because were a little over a half hour early. Without much to do, we discussed the reading from the night before. 

We picked class right back up with the introductions and I got to explain the fact I'm not from San Francisco, but from a city around the area. Then we were given two resolutions, a word for topics in debate, to choose from. One was shorter and more broad and the other was more descriptive and long. We talked about which one we preferred, personally I liked the second one because it used specific words and phrases that would allow us in the long run to focus and research more in depth. The majority of the class agreed that as well, so I think that's the one that we're going to work with.

Then, we went over ethos, pathos, and logos. We had to give the professor examples of when he used each one in his life story without telling us he was using them. I said that was appealed to emotion in the whole story was the fact he moved to Ithaca because he fell in love with a woman from Long Island. It made most people say "aww" when he told us. Afterwards, he gave us a very strange hypothetical situation. He asked, what if he stepped on puppies as he lectured. The same puppies bread by the vet school for medicine testing. We all were very confused what he wanted us to react, because whenever we tried to argue it, he would act like a hypothetical jerk. It wasn't until later that I realized maybe that was his point, he was being irrational and it's not possible to debate with someone who isn't being rational. We actually were all very interested by the debate that we stayed a couple minutes after class trying to understand what he wanted to hear from us.

My textbook
After class I walked back to my dorm because it was still hours before dinner. On my way there I talked to the girls in my class from Spain, and they're super nice. I was excited to introduce them to the Latina girls I had met yesterday. Just outside of Balch I was able to run into Victoria, the one from El Salvador. I did some reading on the grass with her and a really nice girl from Hong Kong, Myka. I had plans to swim with Myka, but then I found out I did not bring my practice swimsuit with me. 

At 5 PM I had to go up and have a meeting with my RCA, She was just checking up asking how I was doing and how I was liking Cornell. She's an engineering major and that's something that interests me so I got to ask her a couple questions about that. Especially that engineering majors at Cornell all have the same classes freshman year, which is good but at the same time not so flexible. It was a good talk with her altogether.

Paula and I had some down time in our dorms before going downstairs to meet with Victoria. We weren't too hungry but had no idea what to do so we went to the RPCC. Although it was 6 PM and I honestly don't believe it gets too full during that time, it was packed. Like always the lines still flowed and they were bearable. Not longer after being at a table, we were joined by Erycka. the girl form Costa Rica, and Connie, a Spanish girl. The cool thing about them is both of them are actually Asian, and their Spanish is so great. The boy from Puerto Rico sat down in the same table but a few seats away with his friend Keith. In the middle of joking about something I went up to them and found out Keith, although he is very Caucasian and from New York, speaks Spanish! He said it was actually his first language because when he was growing up his baby sitter was from Ecuador. Unfortunately, over the years he spoke it less but is learning it at school now. It never ceases to impress me how many people are multilingual. 

Once dinner was over Victoria, Paula, and I decided to explore the campus and went so far we ended up by the football field. We made it to Libe Slope in time for what was left of the sunset.The rest of the evening was hanging out in the Donlon lounge, meeting new people, and later listening to music from Puerto Rico (or as they pronounce it Puelto Rico).
Sunset from Libe Slope
My class is going to progressively get more rigorous, so not every afternoon/evening will be as fun as they have been. Already, some of the Hotel and Operations and Body, Mind, and Health students struggle to keep up with the coursework. Regardless, not one day has been exactly like the other and it's a part of the experience I'm very grateful for. 

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