Wednesday, June 29, 2016

When You Finally Have Enough Time to Watch Game of Thrones

Started off with the same routine as the last. I had ended up waking up at around 7:30 and heading to class at nine. Class was pretty interesting today as well. The talk was majority spent on discussing addiction and alcohol. It was a very interesting topic and I liked how my professor used videos and visual aid to help us understand the concepts of addiction and alcoholism. We eventually broke off into our smaller groups to discuss if the drinking limit should be lowered and to what age? Our group decided on lowering it to 15 years old because our strategy was that introducing children to small quantities of alcohol when they are young will encourage them not to get so reckless with it when they are of legal drinking age and would hopefully reduce the rates of drunk driving. However, only parents would be able to purchase this alcohol for them. Overall many people had different ideals but most agreed on lowering the drinking age. I'm not really big on drinking policy but I did enjoy hearing other peoples points.

After class we had to meet with our head professor to discuss out group projects. We told our head professor how our public policy we would be analyzing is how North Dakotas drug overdose death rate has had a huge increase at 125% and we wanted to look into why that is and what we could do to solve it. She told us she really liked our idea and she really liked the fact that we were actually comparing different states with our policy and she liked how ours was very specific which is cool.

Overall I ended up doing what I did yesterday and hanging out at the computer lab to finish my paper for the class. When I finished my paper I was super happy though because I had finally gotten enough time to finish watching the season finale for Game of Thrones so me and Diana got some cookies and flipped the laptop on to watch some Game of Thrones (the episode was epic).

That was basically it for my day. I'm hoping things get more eventful tomorrow since it's been a tad bit slow (except in the homework department). Can't wait for tomorrow.

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