Sunday, July 17, 2016

All Good Things Must Come To An End

It was finally the day that we would leave Cornell. It was a very hectic yet very sad day. It started out with me waking up at around 8:30 finishing the last housekeeping touches on my room (luckily I cleaned most of it the day before so I didn't have much to clean on Saturday). I had my RCA check my room at around 9:10 and she then approved it as clean and officially checked out. After reminiscing one more time and glancing around my room in memory, I said my official goodbye to room 4343 as I shut the door one more time.

Diana (from my class) met me downstairs at Balch. She went with me to go get my envelope to submit my keys and give my luggage to Mike. As we were walking everywhere many people were crying and saying their goodbyes. It was kinda hard to see because eventually it would be my turn to say goodbye. But I just pushed it to the back of my head.

The day was very slow in the beginning. Me and Diana had ended up hanging out at Donlon and relaxing as we waited for our bus to arrive. We bonded over Shark Tank, Russian music, memes and memories of the things that had happened at Cornell. Eventually it was time for the ILC cohort to leave campus so I said my super long goodbye to Diana. It was funny though because after saying my goodbyes and our cohort getting on our shuttle, we then had to go pick up people from the RPCC and there behold is Diana taking the same shuttle as us. Of course me and Diana (from the cohort) surprised her by running to the way back and then when Diana (from Minnesota) boarded the bus, we started chanting our song out to her and she looked super happy and overjoyed. It was nice getting to spend a little more time with her on the bus leaving Cornell and at the airport in Syracuse. Her gate was the same exact one that we had so it was like destiny in a way. However, all good things must end and eventually we really did have to say our goodbyes one and for all as the ILC plane for Atlanta arrived. It was so hard saying goodbye. I'm so happy I met her and how we bonded over Mr Krabs memes, Russian music, situations that happened in our Public Policy class and our overall experience together. I'm so happy I met her and I'm really gonna miss her and her Minnesota accent.

We boarded our flight to Atlanta and it took approximately two hours. When we reached Atlanta, I was amazed at the airport and how big it was. There was a train inside the airport to carry us from one section of the airport to the other. It was really cool. Atlanta is my number one place I want to go to in this country. So I hope I get the chance to see it from outside the airport one day.

I was also happy that we were able to eat a meal before getting to on the flight because I hadn't eaten a meal all day since our meal cards ended after breakfast and I wake up too late for it. So it was great eating a proper meal. While we were eating we managed to tell Mike so many of the experiences we had at Cornell.

We then boarded our flight from Atlanta to San Francisco. The ride to SF was five hours so there was a lot of time to kill but luckily the plane made it as enjoyable as possible with many different entertainment options.

We got to SF at around 11:39 and I felt immediately at home as soon as I smelt the opposing smell to the green air in Cornell. When we retrieved our luggage I was disappointed to find a hole in it but luckily Don took images of the hole so I will file the report to the airport.
When we finally reached El Cerrito, I felt completely different. I had reached the finish line to a major part of my life and I knew my Ivy League connection journey was come to its conclusion. As I walked out of the limo and turned around, I saw the flash of Don's camera. It was an epic moment. We had said our hellos to our relatives and our goodbyes to the cohort and Don and Mike. But before we could leave, we took one last picture to demonstrate our growth. And then we all went our separate ways...

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