Thursday, July 7, 2016

First Argument Test

Today I woke up at the usual time, and did my everyday routine. Instead of going to the library, today I went to Rubin, the TA, during his office hours. When I arrived to the sixth floor of Ives Hall, Abe and this girl Maya were already in there. Rubin was nowhere to be found, but Sam was there and Abe was explaining some concepts to Maya. At this point, I felt I knew a lot of the things in the book, so I wasn't so worried, but I still tried to go over concepts and things like scanning. When you scan an argument you have to identify the reasons and the claim. An hour or so later, about other 5 students showed up. For me, though, it was time to get some lunch with Amelia.

When we got back to Ives Hall, everyone was still studying and going over key terms. Socrates, what a cool name right, and this kid who has debated before, Ben, were using the chalk board to write down important concepts. We actually started the test a few minutes later than we would start regular class, but we'd still have about 2 and a half hours to work on it. When I received it, it didn't feel menacing at all. I knew all of the vocabulary on the first page, so of course that was a reassurance. I think not even an hour had passed, and I felt confident in the answers I actually knew. I made my best guesses for the few I didn't know off the top of my head. I turned in my test, and as part of completing the test we all received a t-shirt that reads. "Cornell Debate."

With 2 hours of spare time, I went with Hans and Sara from my class to Target. Buying snacks for the dorms at Target is way more worth it than purchasing snacks at the convenience store on campus because it's so expensive there.

After I got back from Target, I went to dinner with Valeria, and then we met up with Paula at the Balch Hall arch with hiking club. Luiza, the person in charge of hiking club, and Wei took us to this trail of the gorge that's on campus. We had to walk past College town to get to it, so it was longer than last week's walk around Beebee Lake. It was impressive to walk inside the gorge, but it was more dry than usual. The air was really humid, since it had been raining, but the atmosphere was great.
View of the bridge from the gorge

Once the hike was over Paula, Valeria, and I decided to walk around College town. Paula got Korean food for the first time, and I tried the best mom and pop place Boba. I preferred it over the chain place across the street, and I'm glad I did because the service was extremely friendly. On our walk back to campus it started raining, but we made it without getting too damp. 

Without the test stress, I was able to hang out with my friends in Donlon and attempted to learn how to solve a Rubik's cube. It wasn't happening. It was still fun to try, so the night went by quickly.

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