Sunday, July 10, 2016

The End of a Weekend

Today I woke up very late. 11:30 to be exact. However I knew I wanted to sleep in judging by how eventful my day would be today with the work and with the things I had to do. So I made sure that the first thing I did was pack up all my stuff and do as much work as I can before the bus came at 2:30 to head to Treemin lake. When the bus came, me, Diana (from my Public Policy class) and Shuxin all headed off to Treemin lake. On the way there I was able to see the Ithaca lake more close up which is all I really wanted to see. It looked extremely beautiful and just like the pictures, even better!

When we got there we spent an hour and a half getting to swim in the lake. It was super fun and I actually got to swim in a lake for the first time which was very different from the California ocean beaches. I even saw fish swimming in the lake which was very cool. The deep end definitely scared the life out of me as for the fact that it was 25 feet. But I still had fun swimming.

After the trip, we had returned back to campus and I ended up running errands such as doing laundry. Me and Diana also ended up ordering food because the RPCC was getting a tad bit old. We found out that the Gateway BBQ delivered so we ended up ordering the same thing we got a week ago. And it was still just as good. While eating I was working on my multiple assignments and then met up with my group to discuss work.

Overall it was a great day however now the power week starts. I'm super nervous to see how this week will go since there is a lot of work.

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