Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Homework and Exercise

I woke up at 7:30 and went to class at 9. It was the second day with the new professor and I felt a little bit refreshed but also very tired after the 3 day weekend. The professor talked more about incarceration and nonviolent vs violent drug offenses and then had us break into groups to examine drug policies that related in that regard. Doing this helped a little bit because my group project was also related to the discussion we had in the breakout group so it gave me an idea on what direction to take. We also got our first papers back that we had submitted. I was happy to see that I got an A on it after all that hard work I put in. Hopefully I do better in the next paper because this professor I have right now seems pretty tough!

To make sure that I would do good on my next paper I spent 7 hours in the library and in the computer lab working super hard making sure everything was right. I had finished about 75% of my paper but I sent my draft to my professor so he could have a look at my direction and grammar usage because he really encouraged us to send it in. I really like when professors encourage peer editing between the professor and the student because for me, personally, it shows that the professor actually wants to help me get a good grade. 

After I sent in my draft, my friend and I decided to exercise at the track field. We did runs, jogs, walks, ab exercise and arm exercises. It is really good being friends with someone that loves working out because they can be my main motivator to help me burn off all of that RPCC food. And after the workout today I can definitely say that I've burned off a good amount. 

That was basically how my day went by and I plan to spend the rest of the night doing homework. I'm nearing the half point of the program and I can feel the work really piling up. I hope I can keep pushing through. 

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