Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Turning In That Last Paper

Today was a heavy amount of work. It started out with me heading to my class and continuing the behavioral economics section of my public policy. It was really interesting today because Professor Homonoff wanted to do an economics experiment on us. So when we walked into the class, there were two colored posted notes (pink and blue) we had to sit in front of one. I ended up sitting in front of the pink one and luckily I did because she then announced that the people sitting in front of a pink posted note would receive a Cornell mug. It was pretty cool receiving a mug from my teachers and she used the mug as a tactic to teach the endowment effect of economics which is putting a higher price on something because we got attached to it. In the end, I got to keep my mug and the people sitting in front of blue posted notes eventually received a mug too! Thanks Professor Homonoff and the PAM Department!

Basically for the rest of my day it didn't consist of anything else interesting other than finishing up my paper for my class. It was my final public policy memo and I was super excited that this would be the last one. We also received more flexibility with this one and I chose my topic to be about how the United States lags behind other countries in terms of test scores and how that parents should begin paying a monthly fine to the school if their child receives bad test scores. My idea might sound ridiculous to some but reading the memo it makes sense--also, we were allowed to go out of the box with this one so why not? This is supposed to encompass the idea of loss aversion that we learn in class which talks about the phenomena of how we as humans get mad about having to pay for things that were once free. Similar to how we get mad at paying for plastic bags when they were once free.

After turning in my memo and hitting that send button for the last time, I ended off my day by watching some YouTube videos. I'm so happy that the last thing I have to do is my presentation for my class. Tomorrow my day is just going to consist of practicing with my group for my presentation.

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