Monday, July 11, 2016

Work Work Work Work Work

It's the beginning of the last week of classes and it was definitely evident when I came to class today. Everyone was tired but excited for the last week to pull through the class. I'm definitely going to miss the class however because of the cool information I learned from it.

Today was a pretty cool day of class. It was our last day on the Immigration topic and our last day with Professor Hall so as a result of all the new information we learned, he had us do a debate on being for or against unlawful immigration. I was placed on the against side and it was interesting forming and seeing the arguments that each side made up. At the end of class both sides were very convincing that even I was conflicted. At the end of the class Professor Hall asked us if his session changed our perception in any way and I told him that it definitely changed my own because I've always leaned so heavily to the left when it came to immigration and I was very pro towards it however I really see how it negatively affects people that are already economically oppressed in American society such as African American males because of the outsourcing of labor to undocumented people. Now that I realize the importance of that it's not something that I can just let slip out of my mind.

The rest of my day was spent focusing on my essay for the Immigration unit. It was pretty intense doing it and the topic was basically discussing the guest worker and E-Verify program (which is a program to allow guest workers to come into the U.S. and work and a program to certify that they are documented). It took a long time to write and by the time I had finished it was almost ten and I went back to my dorm.

Overall it was a very work heavy day however I'm excited to see what my new and final professor is like!

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