Friday, July 1, 2016

~ More Friends~

Today I woke up at 8 AM as usual and went to class. Today's discussion was about leadership memes which are: leadership warrior, teacher,politician, and problem solver. I believe I am a leadership politician which is someone who can shape others views. They win the hearts of others and minds of followers. They are a big part to what influences them. I feel I make connections with people and can win others hearts with what I say like the leader politician. I think I really liked the class so far because I was able to find out my strengths and my values. I also discovered what type of leader I am which really will help me in the future as becoming a better leader because I realize my strengths and can work on them to make me even stronger as a leader.

After the discussion we had a guest speaker Lieutenant Colonel Craig Wiggers who talked about a lot his goals and what he did in the Marines. He  mentioned when he was stationed in Afghanistan he was faced with a lot of challenges like the cultural difference,  but he still worked together and  solved the problems and became a very effective leader. H overcame many challenges in Afghansistan,but it just made him a better leader and it was very inspiring. I hope to  become a leader like him who overcomes his challenges.

When I came outside the room of course it was pouring rain. Luckily I waited and it stopped  because I forgot my umbrella in my dorm.I went to go eat at this different  dining hall which I believe is called Trillions. I  liked it so much better than the regular dining hall  it was amazing it taste so good, I had Chinese food and it was the best. The way it works  is one swipe of your Cornell ID is $10.75 I believe and if you go over you pay the  extra in cash.

I got closer to some new friends in my class which is who I went to  class with and hanged with the rest of the day who were really great and down to earth people.We all later on played ping pong and went to go eat bagels. 

I finally just stayed in my  dorm and studied. 

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