Tuesday, July 12, 2016

The Commons Part 2

The day started out with me going to my class and having a new professor. Her name was Professor Homonoff and she would be the professor teaching us behavioral economics. It was really cool learning about behavioral economics because with the previous teachers and lectures, public policy assumes that all humans think rationally and similarly in their decisions and behavioral economics tells a different story. It looks at the more relatable side of public policy and tries to apply it to realistic situations. We learned a lot of cool stuff about ourselves and the way that we think when it comes to economics which I thought was really neat!

After class me and my group had to present what we currently had for our group presentation to the TA for practice. I was a tad bit disapointed in my group because for our presentation I was the only one that came in with most of the material and put in most of the important slides. However, after having a great discussion with our TA Emily about our presentation, my group finally decided to step up and so far our presentation is looking a lot better.

After presenting to Emily, me, Diana (from my class), Diana and Shuxin decided to go to the Commons and hunt down that ice cream joint we had been looking for. The commons was a pretty cool place and it reminded me of a smaller version of Berkeley. The shops in the Commons were pretty great too and I liked how there was a street performer in one corner and a play set in the other. It really gave the area life to it. Once we found the ice cream place we took our order for the rolled ice cream. I had ordered vanilla rolled ice cream with chocolate chips, marshmallows and oreos. Although they had messed up on my order, there is no way I could deny that it was pretty good and a very interesting process to watch.

After buying the ice cream, we decided to head around the Commons and check out the shops. I was pretty sad because most of the shops I wanted to check out were closed but me and Diana had decided that we would come back Friday afternoon when our class was done for our last day at Cornell to check out everything and buy what we need. After exploring the Commons we ate at a very tasty Thai food place where I ordered the Chicken Yellow Curry (which was incredible) and then headed back on the bus to Balch. After returning to Balch I then got back to my homework! A few more days before the final! Excited to see where everything goes.

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