Saturday, July 16, 2016

Graduation and the First Goodbyes

Today was such an important day. It was the final day of my course and my graduation! However before I could even receive my certificate I had to pass the ultimate test of presenting my group's power point to the head professor. We were going first which I was extremely excited about however I was getting nervous as well. Usually when it comes to presentations I don't feel nervous until the exact moment of presenting and considering I only practiced a few times, I had good reason to be nervous. Even with all of my nerves our group presentation turned out amazingly and was considered the best from most of my peers--which is saying a lot because everyone did such an incredible job. Usually at my school, when we have presentations they are presented in a very laid back style with a lot of mistakes and not a lot of consideration. However watching the presentation I saw today I was in awe. The people here really are incredible speakers. It inspires me to be so much more and push my capabilities to the limit.

After everyone did amazing on their group projects, we immediately went to the certificate of Summer College completion ceremony, aka graduation. I was very exciting having my peers cheer me on during me collecting my certificate from the head of the PAM department at Cornell (aka our main professor) and dabbing (a type of dance among youth) with them when we received our certificate. I was so happy to have finally completed my Public Policy Analysis class and to have finally completed a course at Cornell.
After my course me, Diana (from my class) and Diana went out to the Commons one last time to buy as many souvenirs and cool things as we can from Ithaca. I bought a couple of pins and some posters. The Commons reminds me a lot of Berkeley in a way which is pretty cool. I then went back to Balch to pack up my things since I'm going to be checking out of my dorms early in the morning. However after I was done packing I went to Donlon to hang out with Diana and Stef, Diana's roommate and shared multiple laughs there. I was sad because I already had to get the first hint of my goodbyes as I said goodbye to Stef since I wouldn't see her after tonight. It sucks how I'm going to have to say goodbye to people tomorrow but at least I managed to meet my ILC cohort, especially Diana, I'm really glad I managed to meet her in this trip and I'm happy I'll have someone to take all of my Cornell inside jokes back to the Bay Area with. I shared a lot of great and unforgettable moments with her that I will not forget thanks to having the opportunity to go on this trip.

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