Friday, July 15, 2016

Last Night

I took my final today and hopefully I did well. The final was not as bad as it could have been. The tests I took during this class weren't necessarily difficult because if you understood the concepts then you were fine, but there were definitely a lot of concepts to memorize. 

Afterwards, I met up with Janisse, Hillary, and Nadia at Trillium (dining hall only available at lunch). We all headed to Cornell's Dairy Bar to celebrate finishing these three weeks. Janisse and Hillary had to go meet with the administration and so Nadia and I went to Uris Library. This was the first time I had been inside any of Cornell's libraries and it was honestly extremely beautiful. The way the work stations were set up made it very private for the worker and generally had a good view. 

We then went to the design and immersion's students exhibit. Their final project was a lamp. It was super cool because the main shape of all the lamps were constructed from paper. The lamp I took a picture of was the only lamp that you could interact with. The girl who designed it wanted it to be different compared to regular lamp, which she feels she achieved. 

Nadia, Janisse, Hillary, and I later all met up to go to dinner. After dinner we went to the study lounge on the second floor of Donlon (the floor my room is on) and we all played mafia with a bunch of other girls who wanted to play as well. It was super fun this time because we all knew how to play. It was super funny because every time I was the mafia, meaning the other mafia and I choose who we want to "kill" for the night, I would choose to kill Nadia. Nadia would also get killed every time she was mafia. We played a bunch of rounds before Nadia, Janisse, Hillary, and I went outside to kick a soccer ball around. I was super apprehensive at first because I'm super scared of getting hit by a ball and I have pretty slow reflexes, but it ended up being pretty fun. My foot hurt a little when kicking it because we were playing barefoot and I kicked it with my toe instead of the side of my foot a couple of times. We then walked to the observatory to look at the stars. There weren't too many we could see, but it was still super cool. It's kind of really sad because just as I was getting really close with these girls, it's already time for us to leave. Though, I do think that anytime I'm in New York I would definitely try to meet up with them. 

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