Saturday, July 2, 2016

Saturdays in Ithaca

Today was a weekend so I definitely woke up late. I went in time for lunch and then ended up going to the library to work on personal statements. It was a very slowish day and I worked on personal statements for a few hours however I got to check out the Cornell Uris library and it was pretty beautiful. I really liked how it had so many floors and one could go underground in a way and have the view to the campus. It was such a calming atmosphere and the library looked super clean. It was amazing.

After working on personal statements I went to do my laundry. I ran out of clothes today so I really made it so that I washed my laundry today. I washed my clothes at Mary Donlon hall with a friend so it was a lot of running around to do the laundry but overall I'm happy it got done. I also took today as the time to head out to the mall and check it out for myself. Ithaca mall was pretty ok. It had a decent amount of shops. I had bought a couple of new clothes and some new tank tops from Cornell which was really cool. After we got back from Ithaca mall, we headed out to the college town and wandered around and picked up some Insomnia cookie. I wanted to buy more water since I lost my purple water bottle so it was a challenge carrying a 24 water bottle crate a mile to my dorms but it was good for endurance. We say a lot of skunks on the way which I didn't expect to see on campus.

Overall it was a pretty laid back day. I think there are fireworks tomorrow so I can't wait to see them.

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