Sunday, July 3, 2016

Ithaca Really Is Gorges

Today was a very eventful day. I woke up late (as usual on a weekend) and went to attend lunch at the RPCC. I had then spent the next three hours after that doing homework and research for my group for class because my group had planned to meet at three o clock today. So I wrote up some evidence that would suffice for our meet.

After the meeting happened, I had returned back to my dorm to get ready for the dinner with Mike. My friend came back from her field trip and we had invited her to come to dinner with us so she could meet Mike and get something different than the usual RPCC food. The walk was further than we expected as for the fact that it was in the commons instead of college town. However once we made it, we were glad. It was good seeing Mike after a week.

We went to a restaurant called Gateway Barbecue. Mike asked us a lot about the classes we were taking and if we were enduring the challenges that came with it. I told him how my class was a lot of work but I felt that I could handle it. Then the food came out and I was super impressed. I ordered a chicken burger with some fries and it was absolutely delicious! I especially loved the fries. I definitely plan to come back to that restaurant in the near future while I'm here.
We then went to Mikes hotel where he got us a cab back to Cornell -- which saved a lot of walking time. A couple of us went to check out the waterfalls in a much closer up view. It was extremely beautiful because Cornell has a small section under the bridge where one can go look at the waterfalls and touch the water and even sleep next to the water. It was fun adventuring there and really makes me believe the sentence "Ithaca is Gorges."

We then returned to Donlon and played a bit of cards before we headed out to the fireworks show by the Slope. It was super crowded and in the end we could barely see the fireworks because they were shooting them far from where everyone was located but overall it was a pretty fun event. However, because Diana brought her speaker, we were blasting music on the way back which attracted some very fun people to come and dance along which was really cool.

Overall today was definitely a more eventful day and hopeful tomorrow will be the same!

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  1. Another ILCer teasing me with photos of their great meals. How cruel can you all be? :-)