Monday, July 4, 2016

~ Independence Day~

Kachi and I  have broke our record today for sleeping in as we woke up almost 12 PM. We got ready and went to go eat lunch. I didn't really eat much because I was going to go with Kachi to the movies, but  my friend had told  me the reading for our class was a lot so I decided to just see the movie another time and  just went to my room to read the mass amount of reading. 

Once I finished my reading I went downstairs to go play ping pong in the lounge with some friends. I am slightly improving each day. I have concluded that by the end of my stay here at Cornell I will be a ping pong champion. Maybe I am exaggerating, but I will definitely be better.

After ping pong I went to the barbecue that Cornell was holding which I just grabbed a hamburger, which was actually really good,or maybe it was because I was starving? After the hamburger I went to the dining hall to grab some frozen yogurt which I never tried before, but will become a daily thing from now on.

I went to play Frisbee a little and talked and sat with another group of friends I have recently met and went back to my dorm.I left to go see Kachi and Diana near the courtyard at Cornell where all the fun happens. I went to Diana's room and turns out her room mate was someone I had already knew. I will definitely be hanging out more at their room now. Finally I went back to my room.

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