Friday, July 8, 2016

Taking a Nap

I took my second quiz today. This quiz wasn't significantly harder, but the concepts were more abstract and open to interpretation rather than having very specific cases to prove each concept. It still wasn't that bad and I finished earlier than most people in my discussion session. After I finished taking my test, I talked to my discussion TA about the email I sent her about my essay topic. I used my regular email to send that to her and it was apparently in her spam so she didn't see. So, I was extremely thankful that I talked to her about it. My professor doesn't really talk to any of us or know any of us by name, so it's as if my TA is really my teacher. 

After eating lunch I went to get to the Dairy Bar to get ice cream. I got a scoop of mint chocolate chip and a scoop of strawberry. A New Jersey girl from my class, Diana, and I talked all about our friend groups and boys we've liked while stuffing our faces with ice cream. Besides that, we also talked about how fast the class is passing by. Neither of us were very sure about how we did on the test, but we discussed how we're both okay with not getting an A because we both know that we've learned a lot for this class and worked hard to get what we have. It's strange to think about because I still feel the need to have an A, but I also don't really feel that need in my mind. According to my psychology class, this is called a cognitive dissonance which is when you have conflicting ideas. 

After that I went back to my dorm and played cards with Minnesota Diana, Kachi, and California Diana. We played Egyptian War, James Bond Speed, and regular Speed. I went back to my room after and took a nap. I planned to power nap (sleeping either 20-30 minutes or 90 minutes) because that's what my second class recommended, but I ended up sleeping for about 3 hours. It was nice though because my roommate, Nadia, woke up around the same time and we went to dinner. 

I was going to go to the talent show with Nadia, but I ended up going to the Ithaca Mall with Kachi and the two Dianas. We came back and played the newly bought Uno and ordered pizza and chicken wings. It was super fun, but I left at 11:00 PM to work on my final essay. Uno was crazy the first round because we only used the deck with the red and yellow cards because we thought the other deck was an extra deck. It took us until the end of the first round to realize it. We're all students who are taking a Cornell summer class, but we didn't realize there were only half the colors needed for the card game. Kachi won the first round really easily, but after adding the green and blue cards in we all went back in forth before stopping the game to eat pizza and wings. 

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