Saturday, July 9, 2016

Finally Getting to the Top of Ithaca

The day started out with me sleeping in like any typical weekend. I then headed out to the RPCC to get some food but then went to Uris to study. I wanted to dedicate the whole weekend to doing work since I know this week is going to be incredibly hectic for me. I spent so many hours studying in Uris and I actually effectively got a lot of things done for my group presentation coming up. However, me and my friend taking my class Diana wanted to head up to the top of the clock tower since it was open today.

The clock tower was nine stories upward and it had little offices and museums in it. When we made it to the top it was so incredibly cool. One could literally see all of Ithaca and it actually looked extremely beautiful from the view. The truly best way to observe Ithaca and all of Cornell is through the clock tower. Absolutely nothing beats it. It was such a stunning view.

While we were up in the clock tower, the bell rang and it was super loud. However, it made sense that it was super loud because it was the bell that rang throughout campus. When we went a level down below, we discovered that there was an actual person playing the music for the bell that rang throughout the campus which was extremely cool to see. He played it in a piano like fashion but it sounded like an accordion. It was something that I had never seen before. However, I noticed that the music he was playing resembled wedding music and it wasn't until I went downstairs and out of the clock tower when I realized why. A couple was having their wedding at Cornell!
After leaving the clock tower, getting dinner at the RPCC I went to play a few rounds of cards with Diana and her roommate at Donlon. It was a great way to de-stress after such a stressful day. However I know the work is not finished. So I definitely know how the rest of my week will go.

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