Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Dwindling Fun

As our three weeks are coming to the end, everyone is spending most of their time studying. Most big assignments are due this week, or people have final tests. I happen to have both. Yet again, I feel like I have this mostly handled. Hopefully, with a lot of quizlet studying, I can get a good grade on my final test. Crossing my fingers for an A. Tomorrow I also find out what my grade is on the affirmative constructive.

Today I actually ran for once, a mile around Beebee Lake. Paula and I woke up at almost the exact same time, and it felt really good to run. I got breakfast right after and got ready for class early. With the spare time, I finally went to Appel and found out my swimsuit had arrived and most likely was there for a few days. That means tomorrow I can probably swim laps, which my body really misses. I probably could've swam last week, but everyone told me I'd receive an email when my package arrived. Turns out, for small packages they don't email you.

During class, we went almost straight into today's debate. I had to be first government once again with Amelia, like I had in my first debate. I've come to the conclusion that I do not do well as prime minister, and might really have to work on that if I wish to pursue being in a debate team. Today's topic was, "This house believes that violence is a justified response to political oppression." It was a difficult resolution to defend, because there's been so much going on with that issue lately. Not only that, but it was a rather broad topic, so we had to define violence and what constitutes as political oppression. Sometimes I almost don't like debating because you don't get to choose which side, whether to defend or oppose, and often times it's something you wouldn't typically say. Needless to say, it wasn't our best debate. I feel very bad, because Amelia gets really flustered and I worry she might cry one of these days. Regardless, Rubin, the TA, isn't harsh when giving constructive criticism. 

The rest of the day was just about as uneventful as yesterday. I spent some time at the library, and got some iced coffee again. The woman who works at the cafe looked at me weird because I poured sugar in the raw into my coffee, when there was liquid sugar in front of me. The issue is, I liked biting on the sugar pieces, and that's about as exciting as my day gets. I was supposed to have my one-on-one meeting with my RCA Haley after dinner, but it got postponed until after night check-in. So, I had free time after dinner, which was spent on FaceTime with my friend Destinee from back home and me laying on the carpet.

In all this time, I feel like I've done the crucial things to do here at Cornell. I went on almost all the parks trips, went hiking around the gorge trails nearby, went to the Commons and Collegetown, and I explored a decent amount of the campus. I probably have had one meal from every station at Trillium, twice. While I hung out with my friends at Donlon, we all realized that this is really coming to an end. It's almost sentimental, because we're with each other so often, and we're all going back to our homes. 

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