Monday, July 11, 2016

Reading the Wrong Chapter....Again

We talked about death during the lecture today. We talked about how death is a very scary thing to a lot of people, but we (humans) rationalize that scary part by believing in some sort of after death process. This after death process is either heaven, living on through our children, or just humans living on. After that we went over the quiz during the discussion class. I did better than before and still slightly above average. This quiz was harder than before and I lost little points here and there for the questions rather than all of the points of one question from the first quiz. This discussion class was super entertaining because we watched a video on how to choose our sources for our final essay. This video showed a bunch of different studies that were completely ridiculous and misinterpreted into a completely different thing. 

After eating lunch I went straight back to my dorm and started my reading because I needed to work on my essay. I accidentally read the wrong chapter and right after I finished one chapter I had to start reading the right chapter for today. It was a pain having to read so much today, but at least I'm ahead now. After that I ate dinner and worked on my essay. 

I took about two full power naps while I was reading the two chapters. Somebody told me that you master power naps while you're in college and I didn't think that they would be that necessary, but they completely are. I kept falling asleep during the reading and after napping for 30 minutes I felt so refreshed and got back to work. I have probably done the most work today out of all the work I've done here so far. It was super tiring and it's no wonder my brother values his sleep so much now. I enjoy sleeping and value it too, but I've never been forced to nap only for 30 minutes because I couldn't afford to not do work. It's a strange thing to think about how that's basically what college is going to be like two years from now. I'm really looking forward to it yet am also dreading it a lot. I don't usually go to sleep so early, but after doing all of that I need to sleep. 

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