Tuesday, July 12, 2016

~ The Commons~

Today in discussion we talked about Robert Gates and some messages he was trying to send. What I thought was interesting about what Gates was talking about was how he said what is very important is assembling outside task forces to oversee your company. He makes the argument if one takes the time to actually develop an outside unbiased task force to oversee the decision they can give you feedback and criticism that would be helpful towards your organization.n I really liked that idea if one listening to outside criticism to make your organization the best.

Rolled Icecream
In lecture we were let out early all we really talked about is what to prepare for, for tomorrow because we will be out in the training course which will be very fun. Just wait on tomorrow and I will talk about the million times I fell. After that I went to Trillium to buy some Chinese food which was great. I than went to go meet up with my T.A to get some ideas on what I am going to be writing about for my final essay. I later came back to my dorm and meet with Kachi, Diana, and Shuxin and head out to the commons which is like a downtown for Ithaca. We caught the bus and headed straight for this rolled ice cream place which I thought was really good. I really liked everything about it. After that we all went to go shopping around the commons and finally ate at this Thai place.

After we all came back to a floor meeting where our chaperone in our dorm just talks about checkout and things like that and now I am just working on my essay and getting pumped for tomorrow.

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